Hi, I’m Joanie!

Why hello there! Let me just start off by saying that I am so thankful you are here visiting my little corner of the web and you’d like to learn a little bit more about me. My name is Joanie and I’m a 30-something Army wife who is homeschooling and wannabe homesteading in Alabama. First and foremost, I am a Christian having recently converted to Catholicism. I believe in fulfilling my purpose for the Lord and a huge part of my calling is as a wife and mother.

I began this blog in 2011 back when blogging was more about sharing your life with others and less about SEO and business. This little blog has grown up with me and been through all the major life changes I have such as pregnancy, moves, deployment and everything in between. I have written almost every single blog post entirely on my own and from my perspective.

My husband and I have recently come full circle on our journey to simple living. When I started the blog we lived in a little tiny house with chickens and attempts at a garden. We have moved five times since then. We’ve lived on rocky acreage that needed major work during his deployment, a house in the city, Air Force base housing, a house in the suburbs,  and our home now on nearly seven acres with a barn and chicken coop already on site. It’s been quite the journey to get here.

My goal here at Simple Living Mama is to empower women in their roles as homemakers, mothers, and homeschool teachers. I I strive to teach women how to create a nurturing home, how to create loving relationships with their children, and how to home educate their children. It is my prayer that I will be an encouragement to you in all of these roles from a godly perspective.

I’ve been a homeschool curriculum reviewer for the Old Schoolhouse, spoken at several Homeschool Mom Conference events, and been featured in Redbook Magazine.


Where you can find me!

One of my favorite places to hang out is Instagram! I post what’s going on in our homeschool, as well as other projects we are doing around the house.