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One of the best cleaning tips you can have in your arsenal is natural cleaning recipes. I have slowly added DIY natural household cleaners to my arsenal. I began to see which homemade cleaners actually work for me, and instances where I have to use something a little stronger (i.e. mold). I decided to pull together some of my favorite homemade cleaning recipes and offer a printable cheat sheet!

Free Printable Homemade Cleaning Recipes Sheet

Why Use Natural Cleaning Recipes?

There are several reasons you may want to use natural cleaners. You may have someone in your family who is allergic to traditional cleaning supplies. Maybe you’re just trying to reduce your exposure to harsh chemicals. Maybe you’re environmentally conscious and want to cut down on the amount of plastic you purchase.

One reason we started using homemade cleaners was to save money. Cleaning supplies can cost big bucks if you aren’t careful! I also just think it’s plain fun to mix up these cleaners and see how well they actually work. That’s probably the “sciency” homeschool mom in me!

DIY natural cleaning recipes can be made with household items. This gorgeous printable of homemade cleaning recipes will let you create homemade recipes quickly and easily!

My Favorite Homemade Cleaners

Which homemade cleaner recipes do I use? Here’s what you will find on my homemade cleaning recipes cheat sheet:

  • DIY All Purpose Cleaner – Great for cleaning laminate countertops, toilet seats, and other hard surfaces. (also try this DIY All Purpose Cleaner without vinegar)
  • Homemade Soft Scrub – You can also use Dawn dish detergent instead of Castile soap. I love using this to scrub the tub.
  • Glass Cleaner – Make your mirrors shine! This is a glass cleaner I’m fine with letting my kids use.
  • Laundry Detergent – The version on the sheet is for a smell-good detergent. You can use an essential oil instead of the Purex crystals. I think lavender would be an excellent choice. I get away with using just the super washing soda, borax, and Fels Naptha. I add Oxygen bleach as needed to individual loads.
  • Dishwasher Detergent – Yay for chemical-free, clean dishes!
  • Bleach Alternative – This is a great way to whiten your clothes without bleach!
  • DIY Linen Spray – I would spray my curtains and upholstered furniture with this rather than spray in the air.
  • Grout Cleaner- I will be whipping up a batch of this pretty soon to clean my grout!
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner – I use orange essential oil in my cleaning products. The orange is so energizing and uplifting when you’re scrubbing a toilet!
  • Dusting Spray – Another one you can use orange essential oil instead of lemon. 
  • Homemade Carpet Deodorizer – This simple carpet refresher works for carpet and fabric!
  • Homemade Foam Soap Recipe – Try this easy recipe for homemade foaming hand soap.

I just love this list of free homemaking printables. Check it out!

I’ve also made a homemade soft scrub with Dawn dish soap and baking soda. It works like a charm if you don’t have Castile soap! 

What Is the Best Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner?

The best DIY all purpose cleaner is going to be the cleaner that gets the job done! I like to do equal parts distilled water with distilled white vinegar and 20 drops of my favorite essential oil as a basic cleaner to start with.

I plan to write more posts on various DIY all purpose cleaners with hydrogen peroxide and Castile soap so we can see which ones perform the best!

My Favorite Natural Cleaning Recipes Supplies

Here you will find my favorite supplies that I use to make my homemade cleaners. These are the supplies you want to keep stocked up in your cleaning cabinet so you can whip up any homemade cleaners on the spot!

Using Essential Oils in Homemade Cleaning Recipes

Let’s be honest, the smell of vinegar while cleaning isn’t all that appealing. My husband actually loathes it! One of the easiest ways to add natural scents to your homemade cleaning supplies is with essential oils. I’m a huge fan of Plant Therapy. I use all different types of oils in a variety of ways. 

When I’m steam mopping, I’ll sprinkle some orange or lemon essential oil onto the microfiber cloth of my mop. It makes the room smell nice without any added chemicals.

Other favorite essential oils for cleaning include:

Sparkling Lavender

Sparkling Peppermint

Another great way to use essential oils in cleaning is to mix with baking soda to create an incredible deodorizer. You can even add Borax if you have a flea problem in your house to kill those pests and their eggs! You can also make this DIY linen spray with essential oils.

Other Places To Shop for Natural Cleaning Supplies

My most favorite place of all to shop for natural cleaning supplies is Truly Free. I get a lot of my favorite non-toxic cleaning supplies from them. They are American made and made with ingredients you can actually pronounce.

As a VIP member of Grove Collaborative, I often get free supplies and save money on my cleaning supplies! It’s definitely a win-win!

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Now let’s put those cleaning supplies into action! Learn how zone cleaning can help you keep your house cleaner than it’s ever been! I break my house into zones and only focus on deep cleaning one specific zone per week to keep my deep cleaning workload to a minimum! 

More Cleaning Resources:

Favorite Dollar Store Cleaning Supplies

Favorite Dollar Store Cleaning Supplies

Free Monthly Cleaning Calendars

This monthly cleaning calendar will help you create a weekly cleaning schedule. Get a new cleaning calendar each month!

Save this free printable homemade cleaner cheat sheet for later!

No more scouring the internet for homemade cleaning recipes. Find all of your favorite DIY natural cleaning recipes on this one sheet!

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  1. Love this, thanks for sharing! I own a wedding company and we have lots and lots of linens and I have made my own detergent before because it works so well, I pretty much do the same thing as you!
    Love the others, I am going to have to try them!
    A fun one to add to your list, you can actually use Gatorade to clean toilets, and it does a great job:)

  2. Have you replaced all of your cleaning products with the above recipes? Or do you find you still need to use commercial products for something? I’m new to this and trying to ensure I don’t overlook something — I don’t want to clean too little and leave my family at risk ;). Thanks!!

    1. Hi Kym,

      I have not replaced all of my cleaning products. My husband personally hates when I use vinegar, so I no longer use anything with vinegar for major cleaning. One exception is vinegar to clean my microwave. I just microwave a bit of vinegar in a bowl and it loosens all the junk up in the microwave so I can just wipe it out. If we are getting over a sickness (like we are now), I have no problem using things that are a little more harsh to make sure I kill those germs. I still make homemade laundry detergent, soft scrub, grout cleaner, and air freshener.

  3. Thanks for providing the free printable sheet for all these recipes! Very handy to have! I have made some of my own cleaning products and intend to do more. 🙂

  4. I have signed up for the newsletter, but I do not see how to download and print the free homemade celaning recipes. I have clicked links from the welcome email etc and then found the recipes again, but see nowhere to download?

    1. Hi Paula,

      When you confirm your email address, it should automatically download. You can email me if you still haven’t gotten it.

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