How To Make a Home Binder – Home Management Binder Set-Up

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One of the things I’ve been doing for a few years now is keeping a home management binder. A home management binder helps you to keep all of your important home things in one place. If you’re wondering how do I make a home management binder, then this post is for you! I’m going to show you how I’ve set up my home management binder this year!

How to set up a home management binder with colorful home binder printables

How Do I Make a Home Management Binder?

First, you’re going to need home management binder supplies! Here’s what I used to make my home management binder:

2 inch three ring binder – I like pink, so I chose a pink binder!

Home management binder PDF printables – I am using my Clean & Organized Home Management System printables

Printer Paper

Card Stock

Divider Tabs

3 hole punch

Printer – We own a laser jet, but an ECOtank is another great option if you like to print A LOT!

Home management binder printables to print out

Home Management Binder Sections

Next, decide which sections you want in your binder.

My first section is my HOME section. Here’s what’s in that section:

Home Management Printables

  • Cover Page
  • 4 Dividers
  • Pre-filled Cleaning Checklist
  • Blank Cleaning Calendar
  • 30 Minute Tidy Checklist
  • Blank Deep Cleaning Checklist
  • Organization Projects Planning Page
  • Organization Calendar
  • Home Repair Log
  • Important Contacts
  • Insurance Info
  • Insurance Inventory
  • Vehicle Maintenance

I also keep a laundry schedule, chore chart, and my monthly cleaning calendars in that section.

Next is my meal planning section. I love this section because I can plan all my meals! I also have a master grocery list in this section to refer to when I’m making my grocery list! Here are all the printables in this section:

Meal Planning Printables

  • Cover Page
  • Vertical Weekly Meal Plan
  • Horizontal Weekly Meal Plan
  • Favorite Recipes
  • Grocery List
  • Recipes to Try

Colorful weekly meal plan printable

I don’t keep a ton of meal planning pages in this section at one time, but I do keep a couple and then print as needed.

Next, I have my budget section. I like this section because I keep LOTS of financial information here. My husband and I have a budget meeting every month and this is where I keep all of my notes for that. I also keep a savings log and donation tracker here among a few other budget printables.

Monthly Budget Printables

  • Cover Page
  • Monthly Budget
  • Debt Repayment Plan
  • Payment Checklist
  • Donation Tracker
  • Savings Log
  • Debt Payment Tracker

Colorful monthly budget printable

Next is the family section. If you’ve ever asked yourself how do I make a family binder, this is the printable section you need. I keep a list of all of the members of our immediate family plus a running list of important dates. I also have a page for a baby sitter, pet sitter, and house sitter in this section. Finally, I have some printable clothing cards to keep track of my kids’ sizes.

Family Management Printables

  • Cover Page
  • Babysitter Info Page
  • Petsitter Info Page
  • House Sitter Info Page
  • Family Personal Info Page
  • Important Dates Pages (6)
  • Clothing Cards

Family management binder printable

I do have a fitness section, as well. This is a great place to track fitness goals and progress if you’re in weight loss mode. 

Fitness Printables

  • Cover Page
  • Weekly Workout
  • Exercise Log
  • Calorie Tracker
  • Calorie Reference
  • Progress Chart

Calorie reference printable

Next is my garden planning section. This is a great place to plan gardening projects and keep track of garden inventory.

Garden Planning Printables

  • Cover page
  • Outdoor projects
  • Garden inventory (4 pages)

I also have a school planning section. This is where I keep track of our cover school information and extracurricular activities.

School Planning Printables

  • Cover Page
  • Important School Info
  • Weekly School Activities
  • Reading Log
  • Classmate Contacts
  • Current Class Schedule

The last section in my home management binder is my vacation planning section. This is where I keep track of where we want to go on vacation and plan out my vacation budget.

Most of the printables I use in my home management binder is from the Clean & Organized Home Management Binder System! I just love the colors and how happy it makes me when I’m planning. I love being able to keep all of this information in one place and I really like having sheets in my family section to give to our pet sitter when I go out of town.

More Home Management Printables

New Year’s Resolution Printables

Free Goal Setting Printable

Monthly Cleaning Calendars

Do you use a home management binder system to organize your home?

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