How To Declutter Your Home

Clutter in my home creates clutter in my brain. I cannot concentrate when I am surrounded by an unorganized mess of stuff. I have a feeling you’re on this page because you feel the same way. Has the stuff in your house completely overwhelmed you? We can solve this problem.

You can declutter your home and get your space back. Once you clear away the things that are not only filling up your house, but also cluttering up your mind, you will be able to breathe a little easier. You may be wondering how to declutter your home. Where do you even begin? I’m here to help!

Learn how to declutter your home with these helpful tips and resources for decluttering your house.

How To Declutter Your Home

Let’s start with the big rocks first. Need step-by-step directions for decluttering your home? I’ve got you covered. Learn how to declutter your whole house step-by-step in this post. This is a process and likely won’t be finished in a day, but it can be done!

How To Declutter Your Whole House

Got kids? Decluttering with kids in the house complicates things. Learn how to declutter with kids in this post.

Once your home is decluttered, you need to maintain it. I do my maintenance with mini decluttering sessions.

While decluttering, you need a checklist! Check out my whole home decluttering checklist and be prepared to tackle the job of cleaning up your home for good!

Not sure what things you should throw away when decluttering? I’ve got you covered with that, too!

Learn how to declutter your master closet and see what I did with mine!

Get decluttering tips and ideas for kids’ bedrooms in this post.

Need to get your bathroom decluttered? These five tips for bathroom decluttering will help!

The kitchen always needs decluttering! Here are 10 tips to declutter the kitchen mess!

Need to declutter and organize your living room? I have that covered, too!

Take the 30 Day Declutter Challenge!

“I have yet to see a house that lacked sufficient storage. The real problem is that we have far more than we need or want.”
― Marie Kondō, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

The above is one of my favorite quotes. We stuff our homes to the brim with stuff, and we find that we still aren’t happy. I feel such a weight lifted when I declutter and clear space in our home. Life is not about how much stuff you can accumulate. Declutter your home and really start living the life you’re dreaming of! 


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Are you done decluttering? Here are my tips for decorating your home after you’ve decluttered.

Recommended Resources for Decluttering Your Home

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

My favorite storage bins.

My family loves curling up with blankets in the living room. We bought this storage ottoman to hide them when they aren’t in use. I love the Better Homes and Gardens brand at Walmart. It’s really good quality for the price.

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How to declutter your home. Tons of tips and resources to help you learn how to start decluttering your whole house.