Handicrafts and Life Skills

When I first began my simple living journey, I was most intrigued by handicrafts and life skills. There is nothing more important than knowing how to do things for yourself. So many life skills are being lost on kids today. Children are growing up and going out into the world without the basic knowledge to cook meals, mend clothes, or create anything that would be useful. Here in this space, I will document different handicrafts and life skills that we learn in our home, so you can try them out, too!

Handicrafts and life skills for simple living

Importance of Handicraft

A handicraft is defined as a particular skill of making decorative objects by hand. Handicrafts are not limited to just decorations, though. When I think of handicrafts, I think of all handmade things that can also be useful. Baking, gardening, cooking, soap making, etc. are all handicrafts. 

Why are handicraft skills important? We live in a world where all we have to do is go to the store and buy whatever we need and often for a cheap price. This convenience has cost us, though. Homemade meals are more and more rare and often replaced with unhealthy options. Homemade bread is a treat rather than a staple. If a piece of clothing gets a small hole, it goes into the trash and then the landfill instead of being mended and used until it’s completely worn. Basic life skills such as sewing buttons, growing food, and making useful items for the home are vanishing. 

What if our economy completely collapsed? What if there was a food shortage and we couldn’t get what we needed from the grocery store? How many of us could figure out a way to sustain ourselves? Handicrafts and life skills are essential not only for the “what ifs,” but also for the joy they bring us. Nothing can replace the feeling of accomplishment when you finish knitting a scarf, or make a salad with veggies you’ve grown yourself.

Homeschool Handicrafts

I first learned about handicrafts while researching the Charlotte Mason homeschool method. Her emphasis on teaching kids life skills resonated with me and my desire to steer my children to a simpler way of life. All of the handicrafts I teach my kids count as school in my book!

Handicraft Making

Handicrafts are actually really fun and so rewarding! We use our handicraft skills to make food, to make health and beauty products, and to make beautiful decorations for our home! Below is a list of handicraft ideas and tutorials on the blog.

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