Large Family Living

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I never imagined I’d be the mother of a “large” family. There was a time I thought we would only have four kids, and God has blessed us with six. Over the years I have learned some tips and tricks for managing such a big family of little people. I love to share all of those resources and advice with you, too. I hope you find these large family living tips helpful if you’re raising a troop of your own!

Large family living - Tips and tricks to help you manage your people

Large Family Living

When it comes to raising a large family, there is a lot to consider. How many children is enough? How are you going to feed them all? Where is everyone going to sleep? As our family grows, it is my hope to update this section with more posts about managing all aspects of family life with a large family. Here’s what I have so far!

What I’ve Learned about Having a Large Family

Having a Large Family

This is a funny look at what I’ve learned about having a large family, at least where I live. It’s a little different than having a “normal” sized family.

How to Make a Small House Work for a Large Family

We downsized our home, but have added more people! How do we make a smaller house work for a large family? This post helps explain it.

10 Creative Storage Solutions for Large Families

When you have a lot of people, you have a lot of stuff. You will need to get creative with storage solutions. This post explains how we store our stuff!

Large Family Hacks – Simple ideas to make large family logistics a little easier!

Raising a Large Family on One Income

Large family one income

Ever wonder how it is possible to raise a bunch of kids on one income? This post provides practical, get real tips to help you do it.

Large Family Birthdays

large family birthdays

How does a large family handle all of those birthdays? Here’s how we do it!

Family Dinner Conversation Starter Cards

Snag these printable dinner conversation cards to get your large family talking around the table!

Large Family Laundry Routine

Ah, the laundry piles. They are huge in a large family. Here’s how I tackle my laundry, plus a free printable laundry schedule!

Packing Tips for a Large Family

Packing tips

Moving a large family isn’t easy. Here are some packing tips for getting your home all packed up!

Chore Systems for Large Families

Large family chores

How in the world can you manage chores in a large family home? Learn what we do!

If you have a large family, chances are you’ve been pregnant a few times. I’ve compiled a list of all of my best pregnancy tips if you’re going through that stage of life.

Affordable large family gift ideas

Curious how we do Christmas in our large family? Here are some ideas for affordable large family Christmas gift ideas.

Do you have a large family? I’d love to hear your best tips for managing your people!