Packing Tips for Moving a Large Family

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Big changes are coming our way! We are moving to a new state for the first time in our married lives. It’s scary and exciting all at the same time. I decided to create these packing tips for moving a large family as a way to document our journey, and to help other large families who may be trying to figure out how to manage the craziness. We are doing a military move, but we are moving ourselves. It’s going to be crazy, but that’s all part of large family living these days! 

These packing tips for moving a large family will help you figure out how to effectively pack up your house for a big move.

Packing Tips for Moving a Large Family

Create a moving binder

We have made entirely too many moves that have been completely unorganized. I’ve learned my lesson! This time I have created a moving binder. Since this is a military move, I used these PCS planning sheets. I also got some of these free moving planner printables to throw together my own moving binder. 

Here I can keep track of my receipts, expenses, budget, my to-do list, and my home inventory.

Pack One Room at a Time

I have started packing three weeks before the move. Since I have so many young children, I know that I cannot possibly pack our entire house in a weekend. I started with items that we don’t use often. For example, I have already boxed up our homeschool supplies. Anything that is put away and not used frequently can be boxed early.

Label and inventory boxes

While I have always labeled boxes with the room they belong in, I have never inventoried items. It’s wise to give each box a number while packing. Keep a master inventory and write down which items are in each box. That way, when you get to your new home you will know exactly which box certain items are in, which will save you time if you need to find particular items.

Pack a suitcase for moving day

When making a long move, you probably aren’t going to get your whole house unpacked the first day. You’ll want your necessities close at hand. I love the free printable from Scattered Squirrel with the list of items to have in a suitcase for each family member.

Set aside cleaning supplies

Keep a tub full of cleaning supplies to the side. You’ll use this tub to clean up the house after you move out, and do any cleaning in your new home after you move in. 

Pack a clear container for supplies needed when you first move in.  

I suggest using a clear container because you’ll be able to see inside of it! These are items you’ll want quick access to. Things like toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates and utensils (or the non-disposable variety if you want), and things like that. 

So, that’s it for this post. These are my best packing tips for moving a large family. I may add more of these as time goes by! 

You can read more about the house we are moving from and why we downsized.

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  1. We also color code our boxes with little pieces of duct tape. This helps anyone helping us know where to go with the box in a quick and efficient manner. (Purple-tagged boxes to the kitchen, blue to the playroom, etc). I just post a layout on the door with each room and it’s color marked.

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