The Best Cleaning Products for 2018 – Essential Cleaning Supplies for Your Home

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Over the past year, I have switched several of my cleaning products to healthier commercial cleaning brands. While I’ll always have my homemade cleaners in my back pocket, I really needed items that I could just grab and use. Now, I’m not opposed to using more conventional products during my housekeeping routine when necessary, but it is nice to use things that are less toxic and smell amazing, too! I’ve compiled a little list of the best cleaning products for 2018. These are the essential cleaning supplies for your home.

These are the best cleaning products for 2018. These essential cleaning supplies not only clean your home well, they smell awesome!

The Best Cleaning Products for 2018

Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap

Let’s start with this dish soap. It smells absolutely amazing. If you dread washing dishes, this dish soap takes a little of that drudgery out of it because it becomes a nice aromatherapeutic experience. I was skeptical if this soap would cut the grease as well as my beloved Dawn, but it did a good job! 

Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap

Not necessarily a cleaning product, but I love to keep the hand soap at the kitchen sink by the dish soap. It’s nice to have quick access to soap to wash your hands while in the kitchen, and this stuff smells just as amazing as the dish soap.

Method Daily Shower Spray

The first time I found this product was an accident. We were renting a house and the landlord left this in the bathroom. I love the Ylang Ylang scent. It kind of reminds me of baby powder. This stuff is amazing for helping to keep your shower clean. Our master bathroom shower is horrible about getting moldy, and I’ve noticed that this product really helps to cut down on the amount I have to clean when I do my bathroom zone cleaning routine.

Method Daily Wood Cleaner

For my wood furniture like my kitchen table, my end tables, and other wood stuff, I use this daily wood cleaner. It has a yummy almond scent and works well to get any gunk off the wood.

Caldrea Room and Linen Spray

So, if you want to make your home smell amazing, you have to try the Caldrea room spray. They offer a variety of scents and the smell lingers in the room. Use it to spray curtains, throw pillows, rugs, and upholstered furniture for a fresh smelling room.

Method All Purpose Spray

I use the Method All Purpose spray to clean everything. I use it on my countertops, my stove top, and anything else that needs a good wipe down. Pink grapefruit is my favorite.

Clorox Toilet Wand

So, this isn’t a natural product, but I love it because it makes cleaning the toilet so easy! You don’t even need to use an additional toilet cleaner if you don’t want to. 

And there you have it! My favorite cleaning products for 2018! These are all items that I am currently using in my home, and will continue using this year.

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These are the best cleaning products for 2018. Clean your home with products that smell good!

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