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Are you struggling with your cleaning? Maybe it’s your New Year’s resolution to get your home under control. If you’ve read about my cleaning routines then you know I do a lot of zone cleaning with a few other routines thrown in to get it all done! 

Every month I add a new monthly cleaning calendar to our Homemaker’s Resource Library. That calendar will hold all of your cleaning tasks for the entire month, and it will give you a specific day to get it all done. 

Free printable monthly cleaning calendars

Free Printable Monthly Cleaning Calendars

You’ll also notice my monthly cleaning calendar includes zone cleaning. I label each room in my house as a “zone.” I work in one zone per week, and do one deep cleaning task in that zone per day. 

For example, if I’m in kitchen week, I may clean my oven one day, then clean my baseboards and kitchen tables and chairs the next, and so on and so forth. 

If you don’t have time for anything but the basics, you can use one free day a week to do all of your zone cleaning tasks. You will also repeat each zone often enough that if you have to skip the baseboards or a different tasks that week, you can just pick it up again the next time!

All of these little cleaning tasks done every day create a home that stays relatively neat and tidy.

Learn how to establish a cleaning routine with Simple Living Mama's easy cleaning routine for moms! Free printable cleaning calendars can help you keep your house clean in just a few minutes a day!

I say relatively because I do have five kids, and I homeschool. We are home all of the time and occasionally the tasks get pushed aside. Like when everyone in the house catches a stomach bug or something. My house isn’t always perfectly clean, but the cleaning calendar saves my sanity!

Print it out the monthly cleaning calendar and hang it up in your kitchen or place it in your homemaking managment binder. 

I keep my cleaning calendar in my kitchen tacked to my dry erase kitchen calendar

A cleaning routine is the perfect way to get your housekeeping under control! If I didn’t have my routine, I would spend all of my time spinning my wheels and never really getting anything accomplished. My cleaning routine works really well for stay at home moms, but can be adapted for moms who work outside the home, too!

What cleaning should be done daily?

The monthly cleaning calendar includes a daily house cleaning schedule. I do one load of laundry, dishes, make my bed, tidy my kitchen, and do a quick declutter of the main areas, as needed. Part of my kitchen tidy includes sweeping and cleaning counters/tables as needed.

What cleaning should be done weekly?

My cleaning calendar assigns weekdays for all weekly cleaning tasks. The weekly cleaning schedule tasks include dusting, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning mirrors and glass in the main living areas of the home, and bathroom cleaning. If each of these is done on a weekly basis, the main living areas of your home should be relatively clean.

What should be cleaned monthly?

I use zone cleaning to handle my monthly cleaning tasks. This is essentially my deep cleaning schedule. Want to learn more about zone cleaning? I can help you with that, too!

Zone cleaning is so revolutionary in that it eliminates the huge task of spring cleaning every year! We absolutely love it for helping to keep our house clean throughout the year!

In a nutshell, I have divided my home into eight different zones. Each week of the monthly cleaning schedule is assigned a zone. Small deep cleaning tasks are done daily in each zone, so that the entire house gets a deep clean about every two months before the zone cleaning tasks begin again.

Each month a new cleaning calendar is added to our Homemaker’s Resource Library. Become a VIP to get access!

You can also purchase the entire years’ worth of monthly cleaning calendars! If you have all the cleaning calendars, you can print them at once and keep them in your cleaning binder.

2022 Monthly Cleaning Calendars

How do I create a monthly cleaning schedule?

If you’re wondering how to create a monthly cleaning schedule for your home, you will need to combine daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks into a system that works for you. My monthly cleaning calendars take the guesswork out of the schedule for you. All you have to do is follow the plan!

If you purchase the monthly cleaning calendars, you’ll also receive a blank house cleaning schedule template that will allow you to write in your own cleaning schedule.

Think about which tasks you need to complete each day to maintain a basic level of cleanliness. Things like washing dishes, wiping counters, sweeping floors, etc.

Then think about what tasks can be done on a weekly basis. These are things like dusting, mopping, and vauuming.

Finally, put together a list of deep cleaning tasks, and then combine all of your cleaning tasks to create your own cleaning schedule.

Cleaning Calendar – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly

While my cleaning calendar includes everything that needs to be cleaned daily, weekly, and monthly, you may want to check out my household management checklist for cleaning tasks that need to be done either seasonally or yearly. These are things like cleaning the windows, checking your air conditioning and heating systems, etc.

FREE printable monthly cleaning calendars to help you organize your housekeeping routines! Establish a cleaning routine and take control of your home!

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    1. Hi! The monthly cleaning calendar for October will be available later this week. If you download September’s now, you’ll be added to my email list and will be notified when it releases!

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  6. Do you have a blank copy that I can use to create my own calendar? I love your system but since our zones and weekly tasks are a little different I would like to make some changes. For example, we don’t have any carpet so we don’t vacuum or we have different zones in our house. Thank you.

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