Homeschool Cleaning Schedule

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This is a topic I could write about for days…How in the world do you develop a homeschool cleaning schedule? What does it look like in a real family? How do you keep your sanity, homeschool, and keep your house clean all at the same time? I’m right there with you, Mama, and I’ve developed a schedule that finally works for my family and housekeeping routines over the past seven years of homeschooling. Let’s chit chat about how we are going to keep the house clean and get it all done!

Homeschool Cleaning Schedule

How do homeschoolers keep their house clean?

It can seem impossible right? When you’re living in your house, working in your house, doing school in your house, the mess can really pile up! Take it from someone who now has seven kids, it’s so easy for a house to explode with stuff! I’m going to share some encouraging tips and offer you some encouragement in this home keeping and homeschooling journey!

I have a one word answer to the above question: Routines! Routines are my saving grace when it comes to homeschooling and keeping the house clean. I begin my day with a routine, and end my day with a routine. We fill in our days with little routines along the way. It makes the household go round.

At this point in my life I have kids who range in age from 2 months to 12 years. We have a few outside commitments like Boy Scouts and dance classes. We also meet with a homeschool group once a month, take field trips when things are open, and take a few homeschool classes outside the house. Our routines have to be flexible!

How do you homeschool and get housework done?

I always start my day with coffee and my Bible study. Once I’ve had a bit of breakfast and the kids are getting up, we start our morning cleaning routines. I tidy my bedroom and start a load of laundry, always. Then I clean up with the kids from breakfast before we sit down to do homeschool. 

We often have several messes along the way. We have a large family, so I’ve gotten used to lots of picking up after kids all day long. I break our pick up times down to 2-3 times a day depending on how bad it gets. There are several systems out there that can help you curb toys or organize them. I’ve found having less available to the kids means we have to pick up less.

Homeschool Mom Cleaning Schedule

Let’s break down our homeschool mom cleaning schedule. I typically follow my monthly cleaning calendar for daily cleaning tasks.

  • Make bed.
  • Start laundry
  • Tidy my bathroom.
  • Pick up the kitchen.
  • Kids do their morning chores and help with the kitchen. 
  • Homeschool
  • Afternoon Tidy
  • Weekly cleaning task – Depending on the day I will dust, clean my mirrors and glass, vacuum, or mop
  • Zone cleaning task – Take a look at how I do my deep cleaning
  • Afternoon occupations – We read, do crafts, bake, any anything else we have going on
  • Make and eat dinner
  • Evening cleaning routine

The key to homeschooling and housekeeping is a routine and a system you have down. Of course, life happens and you may have appointments or seasonal outside obligations you will need to work in. Just shift your tasks around. Don’t be afraid to give. your kids responsibilities, too. They are living in the house, eating, schooling, and probably making some of the biggest messes. It’s wise to teach them how to clean up after themselves, too!

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