Addition Facts to 10 Printable Puzzles – Easter Themed

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One of the skills I am teaching my kindergartner is memorizing the addition facts for the number 10. I thought it would make this task even more fun to include some super cute Adding Up Easter Egg Cards to Make a 10She’s very excited and enjoys puzzles, so these cards are absolutely perfect! These cards are for addition facts to 10 and perfect for your new math student. These would be fun for an Easter preschool theme!

This free printable Easter egg puzzle activity for kids helps kids learn their addition facts for the number 10!

How do you teach addition facts to 10?

There are many ways you can teach addition facts to your young child. We use manipulatives in our homeschool and work on adding with those. I like to use buttons, counting bears, toothpicks, little gem stones, even chocolate chips or M&Ms work!

I simply take 10 of the object and begin showing the child different ways to make 10. For example, I will say, “I have two chocolate chips, how many do you have?” The child then counts (often with my help) and finds out that they have eight chocolate chips. Then I’ll ask the child how many chocolate chips we have all together. We then learn that 2 and 8 make 10!

I repeat this process with different amounts before introducing worksheets and such.

What are basic addition facts?

So, when we cover the addition facts for 10, we are covering:

  • 0+10
  • 1+9
  • 2+8
  • 3+7
  • 4+6
  • 5+5
  • 6+4
  • 7+3
  • 8+2
  • 9+1

These self-correcting puzzles are perfect for helping kids practice their addition facts without the addition of counters. Once your child no longer needs to count objects, you can begin working on the basic addition facts with just the numbers.

Simply print the cards. You can print them on card stock, or laminate for durability. Cut them apart, and let your little one put them back together while memorizing their addition facts!

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Resources for Teaching Math to Young Children

Are you teaching math to a child who is preschool through 2nd grade? Here are my favorite resources.

My son uses his abacus every day! I think it’s pretty cool that he knows what an abacus is and how to use it.

One of the first manipulatives I ever bought was a set of counting bears. These come with matching colored cups and are also great for practicing addition and subtraction facts.

Unifix cubes work the same way as counting bears, but can also help your child visualize addition problems.

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