Clean Your Home in 30 Minutes with the 30 Minute Tidy

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Sometimes you just need to clean your house fast. My housekeeping routines are a gradual process. I can keep my home generally clean and tidy, but on those days when company is coming and I need all of the main rooms looking good, I go through my 30 Minute Tidy process. If you’re wondering how to clean your home in 30 minutes, let me show you!
How to clean your home in 30 minutes

How To Clean Your Home Fast!

The first thing I do when I’m getting ready to speed clean my home is grab my 30 Minute Tidy checklist from the Clean & Organized Home Management System. It tells me everything I need to do to get my home in tip top shape FAST!

I get started with making my bed. Something about a made bed just instantly makes any room look cleaner and it helps put me in the mood for cleaning and getting things done.

Next, I do a very quick declutter. Grab an empty laundry basket or a large tote bag and start in your kitchen. Grab anything that doesn’t belong and put it in your basket. We aren’t trying to put things away right now, we just want to clear the surfaces. Make your way through your living room and your entryway. This is where I typically have toys and who knows what all over the place. Sometimes there’s a random sock, a kid’s shirt, puzzle pieces, hair ties, and just lots of random things!

Learn how to clean your house fast with this step by step guide!

Any room that your guests will see, quickly declutter it. Put that laundry basket in a safe space. Either your bedroom or your closet to put away the contents later.

Head back to your kitchen and quickly tackle the dishes. You don’t want any dirty dishes out on your counters. If you have helpers, quickly have them work on unloading the clean dishes while you work on decluttering. Working as a team will help you get the job done faster and an empty dishwasher makes it super easy easy to load the dirty dishes and get them out of sight! 

Now, tidy up the kitchen. Wipe down the counter tops and the stove and give the floor a quick sweep.

Head to your guest bathroom and give it a quick clean. Make sure your toilet is clean and wipe down the mirrors and counters. I use a clorox toilet wand to make sure the toilet bowl is clean and disinfecting wipes to wipe down the rest of the toilet. Make sure the sink is free of toothpaste and grab some glass cleaner and wipe down the mirror.

PRO TIP: Keep a caddy of cleaning supplies under your sink to make this job super fast! I love to get my cleaning caddies and supplies from Grove Collaborative. First time customers get a Mrs. Meyer’s Gift set free with $20 purchase!

IF you have time, do a quick spot mop in the areas of your home that have hard floors. My favorite mops for these are either the Swiffer wet jet or the Rubbermaid reveal mop.

Finally, if you have time left, put away a load of laundry. If you’re like me, it’s likely still sitting out somewhere. Put those clothes up!

Now, enjoy your clean home! This is how I clean the house in one day. It’s my super quick strategy for faking a clean house when I don’t have time to do any deep cleaning. 

Do you need help with your cleaning routine?

My Clean and Organized Home Management System will help you keep all of your cleaning routines and organization projects in order!

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  1. I just needed this quick cleaning hacks. For a mom who has only limited cleaning time when the baby is sleeping is essential! Learned a lot from this please keep sharing and helping people

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