My Father’s World Creation to the Greeks Review

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So we just finished up our sixth year with My Father’s World homeschool curriculum! I’m excited to share with you how our year went and what we loved and didn’t love about this year’s curriculum. Let’s go ahead and dive in to our My Father’s World Creation to the Greeks review!

My Father's World Creation to the Greeks review

What is My Father’s World Creation to the Greeks homeschool curriculum?

If you’re brand new to MFW, let me explain that each year of My Father’s World homeschool curriculum is a boxed set that covers most all of the subjects. For kindergarten and first grade you do not need to add anything else. In 2nd-8th grade, you will be adding language arts, math, and electives as you see fit. My Father’s World offers suggestions for all subjects, but you are free to add what you wish.

MFW CTG is the second year in the family cycle. One of the main reasons I chose MFW was because I wanted something that would allow me to teach the majority of my children together. I am able to teach all of my children in grades 2-8 together using the subjects included in MFW: Bible, history, and science. If I had purchased the deluxe set, I could also teach art and music using MFW materials.

What subjects does MFW CTG cover?

My Father’s World Creation to the Greeks covers the Old Testament for Bible. There are a few memory verses from the Old Testament and a set-up from MFW to help you memorize them with your children. CTG also covers Greek root words, history from Creation to the time of the Greeks, and science using Science in the Beginning. 

Art and music are included if you purchase the deluxe package. You will do a chronological study of art with God and the History of Art, as well as a study of three famous composers.

MFW offers an extensive book list and suggests incorporating a book basket of on subject topics. You will also read aloud books to your children throughout the year.

You can see a complete list of what is is included in the curriculum in my post on My Father’s World Creation to the Greeks overview.

How did we use My Father’s World CTG?

I purchased the basic package and we used everything except for science. The science program looks really good, though, and I plan to use it when we cycle through again with my younger children. We studied Greek roots, learned a ton about Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and dove head first into the Old Testament and really got into the stories from the Bible.

Since I didn’t purchase the deluxe package, I chose many of our own read-alouds and we did art and composer study with The Homeschool Garden.

We created student notebooks to document our journey through the year’s curriculum. MFW does assign days to participate in Biblical feasts, sadly, we didn’t get around to actually participating in any feasts, but we did read about them. 

What I loved about MFW CTG?

I love how flexible MFW is. I love how I can teach my children together and adapt work to their individual levels. I love the integration of Bible with history and how much I learn right alongside my kids. These are the reasons I have continued using My Father’s World as our main curriculum despite being tempted to try other things.

There are tons of hands-on projects included with the curriculum. These can be a challenge with a house full of little ones. We often don’t get to do as many as I would like. I know our year would be even more complete if I were able to add in all the little projects, but I am still content my kids are getting a full education if we have to skip many of them.

The booklist in the back of the teacher’s manual is invaluable. I love being able to pick out books from our library to have on hand for the kids to peruse and dig deeper into subjects. We love living books!

Our plans for using My Father’s World homeschool curriculum in the future.

I plan to continue using My Father’s World as our main curriculum. In fact, I am repeating the kindergarten curriculum with my younger set of kids this coming school year! I’m excited to bring you on our journey so you can see how our family uses this wonderful curriculum!

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