How To Set Up My Father’s World Creation to the Greeks

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We have been using My Father’s World homeschool curriculum for six years now, and I am so happy with it! It is our main curriculum and we are planning to stick with it through high school. We are currently in the family cycle and using Creation to the Greeks for a fifth grader and a third grader. In today’s blog post I am going to give you an overview of Creation to the Greeks, as well as a quick overview of how it is set up!

my father's world creation to the greeks

My Father’s World Creation to the Greeks

MFW uses a family cycle to teach grades 2-8, so I am able to teach the majority of my kids Bible, history, and science together. My first grader does tag along with us, too! Last year, we used My Father’s World Exploring Countries and Cultures and learned a lot about geography and culture. This year we began a four year chronological history study. Not surprising, we are beginning with Creation and ending with Ancient Greece.

I love that Bible and history are woven so closely together in this curriculum. It was one of the things that drew me to the curriculum, and it is the one thing that keeps me coming back. My kids and I have had so many awesome discussions about the Old Testament, and we have really enjoyed our study of ancient civilizations.

When you purchase your curriculum, you have the option to purchase the basic or deluxe package. I purchase the basic package. The deluxe package includes art, music, and read-alouds for a full curriculum. You may know that we pull from several resources for these topics. Also, language arts, math, and foreign language are to be purchased separately, so you have the freedom to choose whichever programs you like for those subjects.

What’s included in My Father’s World Creation to the Greeks Basic Package

  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Aesop’s Fables for Children
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient World (Usborne)
  • Celebrating Biblical Feasts
  • Dinosaurs of Eden
  • English from the Roots Up, Volume 1
  • Illustrated Family Bible
  • Pyramids
  • Science in the Beginning
  • Streams of Civilization, Volume 1
  • The Children’s Homer
  • The Trojan Horse

The teacher’s manual also includes book lists for each week, and I heavily rely on those booklists to purchase books for our home library, as well as to put on hold at our local library.

How To Set Up My Father’s World Creation to the Greeks

I keep things simple with binders. I store all of our student sheets in a large binder. I put one or two weeks worth of student sheets in a page protector, so I can just pull them out as needed.

The kids also keep a history notebook. I use three dividers. They have a section for their scripture memory, Greek roots, and history. I get scripture printables from and use the Greek root printables from the CTG Facebook group.

I purchased a timeline notebook for each of my older kids from Amazon. They place their timeline pieces in the appropriate spots when we come to them in the teacher’s manual.

Finally, the kids have a separate binder for science. We use a variety of resources for science, including The Good and the Beautiful, and separate nature studies, so they just keep an ongoing notebook for their science journal entries.

All of our books are kept on shelves in our schoolroom. I look at my teacher’s manual before we start school, pull the appropriate books off of the shelf, and we are good to go!

Any questions? Leave them below.

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  1. Hey there,

    I have been thrust in the homeschooling world since Covid, but I am actually loving it! Never in a million years did I suspect I would consider homeschooling.

    Anyhow, my question is do you think I can start with MFW Creation to the Greeks? My son will be in 7th grade and I am planning for next years curriculum already. I know MFW doesn’t recommend it, but we are in Canada, so I find some of the other material is too heavily based on American geography and history. and while that is certainly beneficial for us to know, I prefer more of a focus on ancient and world history. I can always supplement a bit more Canadian material along with the American.

    Any feedback would be much appreciated as I am such a newbie to this 🙂

  2. I have a kindergartener, second grader, and fifth grader. This will be our first year usually MFW. When you have a child in kindergarten, do you use MFW kindergarten for just that child? I will be starting Creation to Greeks with my oldest. How do I make this work? I want to do as many subjects together as we can. Also, I don’t want to do too much either. Thank you.

    1. Hi! It depends on the year and what I have going on. Last year I was able to do MFW RTR with my oldest children and work in MFW K in the afternoons with my kindergartner and preschool tag a longs. We have had years I knew I couldn’t make it work, so I did the cycle with my older kids and did just reading, writing, and math with my younger kids. They still participated in projects and I read books especially geared toward them. All in all, MFW K shouldn’t take more than 1 hour a day, so if you can add that in on top of what you’re doing with CTG it should work. You may just not be able to do as many projects.

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