Amazing Gifts for Kids Who Love Nature


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My children absolutely love everything about nature. They love to play outside and explore the world around them. My three year old is an avid bug collector. I’ve had to tell him repeatedly he can’t just pick up every bug he finds because some of them sting! Nonetheless, he is fascinated. I firmly believe when a child has a passion for something that we should encourage that passion even more! I have rounded up some great gifts for kids who love nature that my children love and your kids will, too.

Amazing gifts for children who love nature!

Nature Gifts for Children

First, we have these cute bug catchers. My son uses his bug house all of the time. The last thing he put in it was army worms. The bug house is great for observing those creepy, crawly critters that moms usually aren’t impressed by.

Next, are these bug catching nets. You have to have a way to catch the bugs! We had a praying mantis fly into our house a few weeks ago. Our bug net was the only way to catch it.

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To complete your bug catching set, your child will need a pair of binoculars. These are great for observing birds. We like to sit at our window seat and watch the birds with our binoculars.

An easier way for bug loving kids to catch those critters is with a bug vacuum.

You could combine all of this together in a fun bug catching kit!

Nature Bound Light and Sounds Lantern – This is a fun way to explore in the dark while listening to different sounds of nature!

Mars Greenhouse Kit – If your child has a knack for growing things, get him his own greenhouse!

For kids who are fascinated by weather, this Weather Science Lab will help them understand how tornadoes, form, what tidal waves are, and the science of storms.

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What are some of your favorite nature gifts for children?

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Does your child love to explore outside? Find the perfect present with these gifts for kids who love nature!
The nature gifts for children are sure to make your kids excited to get outside.

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  1. My kids just love the nature and spending time outside, so this post really helped me out a lot. Keep up the great work, it’s always a pleasure to read your stuff, Joanie.

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