My Favorite Charlotte Mason Homeschool Books

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Charlotte Mason is the reason I started homeschooling. I love to read anything and everything I can about this style of education. We may not be 100% Charlotte Mason followers, but the foundation of our homeschool is founded in Charlotte Mason principles. Aside from Charlotte Mason’s Home Education, these are my favorite Charlotte Mason homeschool books!


A Charlotte Mason Companion

A Charlotte Mason Companion is my favorite book about the Charlotte Mason lifestyle. Karen Andreola breaks down all the subjects by chapters and gives wonderful advice on how to implement them in the Charlotte Mason way. I keep finding myself going back to this book for inspiration in homeschooling and also to remember why I started our homeschooling journey. I highly recommend this book!


Pocketful of Pinecones

This is a delightful story about a woman educating her children in the Charlotte Mason way. This story focuses on nature study and will really get you in the mood to do nature study with your children. I’ve even been inspired to keep my own nature notebook!

For the Children’s Sake

Another wonderful introduction to Charlotte Mason. I was inspired to look at my children as individual people with their own personalities and needs. Children don’t need “twaddle!” They need real, living literature!

Books on my List

These are the books I still plan to read. I’m always reading, always learning.

When Children Love to Learn

For the Love of Learning

I know there are other wonderful resources available. As a homeschool mom I am always on the lookout for new resources to help me in this journey. What are your favorite Charlotte Mason homeschool books?

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