Large Family Aldi and Walmart Grocery Haul and Meal Plan

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Well, I finally did it! I finally made a trip to Aldi. My husband and I decided that we would give Aldi a try this month to see how it would affect our grocery budget. We wanted to save some money and see what everyone was raving about. You know, when you’re raising a large family, saving money is important!

Large Family Aldi and Walmart Grocery Haul and Meal Plan

Now, you may remember I’m usually a once a month grocery shopper. I have learned that we can go about six weeks between trips to Sam’s Club, which is good because it’s a bit of a drive from our house. Lately, we have started picking up groceries once a week from Walmart because it’s so convenient, and now we’ve been picking up a few things from Walmart and shopping at Aldi. I’d like to get those trips down to every two weeks, but this is just how it’s been working for us right now.

So, my first trip into Aldi was interesting. We made sure to bring our quarter and I liked that I could buckle two babies into the cart. I knew going into the store that they wouldn’t have everything, but they did have most of the things we needed. 

What I Loved About Aldi

  • I love the simplicity. There aren’t tons of choices! Its much less overwhelming to me to walk into a store and only have a couple of choices. 
  • I like that the store is small, which goes back to not having many choices.
  • Most of the prices are definitely less expensive than items at other stores, so that was a win.

What I Didn’t Like About Aldi

  • Name brand items are not necessarily any cheaper and can actually be more expensive.
  • I didn’t find the meat to be much cheaper or a better selection.

Here’s a video of my latest Aldi + Walmart grocery shopping haul. Fair warning: there’s a lot more junk in this haul than I’d like. This is what inevitably happens when the entire family goes grocery shopping together. And with six kids, that junk food doesn’t last too long. 

Now let me share my simple dinner menu plan. Our breakfasts and lunches consist of pretty much the same things: oatmeal, eggs and bacon, cereal, sandwiches, leftovers, or something quick and easy. Some of this food is not in our grocery haul because I already had it at home.

Monday – Spaghetti and salad

Tuesday – Tacos with Spanish rice

Wednesday – Chicken tenders with mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts

Thursday – Oven baked fish with rice and veggies

Friday – Pizza and wings

Saturday – Leftovers

So, yep. This week is all about simplicity for me! What are you eating this week?

aldi and walmart large family grocery haul

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  1. I have been shopping at Aldi for over 20 years!! And I love it!! I have 8 children and get 2/3 of my grocery shopping from there. The rest we get from Walmart (and ShopRite, if needed…our Walmart has been dropping some of the things we usually get). We have found here (in NJ) that our Aldi meats are cheaper than Walmart’s meats. Like other stores, we keep an eye on freshness for anything perishables. And I try to avoid the seasonal and products aisles as I am more tempted to spend what we don’t have if I walk through them. All in all, it is still my favorite store! I am so glad that you were able to experience it!

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