Must-Have Spring Cleaning Supplies

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Are you in spring cleaning mode? Getting ready to get your house in tip top shape? You need to make sure you have your spring cleaning supplies! My Spring Cleaning Planner includes a full shopping list for every little thing you could need, but I thought it would be fun to do a little round up of my favorite items for a spring cleaning supply list! Here are the seven things I cannot clean without.

Spring Cleaning Tips Shopping List

Dyson Animal – We recently upgraded our vacuum to a cordless Dyson. It’s an amazing vacuum compared to the much cheaper ones we have had in the past. I use it every day. With a house that is mostly carpeted, a good vacuum is a must!

Swiffer 360 – I purchased the Swiffer 360 extender and I love it. I can dust my ceiling fans, the molding around the top of my windows, and I can even easily reach cobwebs in the upper corners of my walls. I love it! 

Microfiber Cloths – Microfiber cloths are a must! They trap in dust and dirt and I definitely keep them handy in my cleaning closet.

All-Purpose Cleaner – I use a variety of all-purpose cleaners. I even make my own DIY all purpose cleaners without vinegar at times!

Multi-Surface Cleaner – Have you tried the Pink Stuff multi-purpose cleaner? It’s got great reviews!

Scrub brush – A good scrub brush will get all of the gunk and grime off of any surface. I use mine mostly in the bathtub and shower, but they also work great on floors.

Sponges – You definitely need good sponges for all the scrubbing!

Squeegee – If you’re cleaning windows or shower doors, a squeegee is a must!

Razor blades – If you’re cleaning your glass stove top or if you’re kids are like mine and have stuck stickers all over their windows, razor blades come in super handy.

Fan duster – Okay, I am obsessed with this fan duster!

Steam cleaner – I have some gunk stuck in my refrigerator as well as some very hard to reach places in my van. This steamer is on wish list. I know it’ll get all that junk off fast.

Rubbermaid reveal scrubber – This little scrubber is perfect for getting into tight spaces!

Magic Erasers – Magic Erasers are a must if you have kids. I use them to get crayon marks off of the walls. They are also great at removing scuff marks and making your tub white again! 

Upholstery Cleaner – If you have a couch, chairs, or carpeted stairs, this machine is a must-have!

So, if I had to narrow it down to my favorite spring cleaning products. These would definitely be my top picks! What are your must-have spring cleaning products?

Have you seen my Spring Cleaning Planner? Plan, Prep, and actually Clean your house with this handy planner.

Spring cleaning checklist and spring cleaning planner

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  1. These are great!
    We have the Dyson animal vacumn too as it’s wonderful! Took us a while to save up but it’s been worth it!
    I’m going to check out these microfiber cloths! I’ve used some before that didn’t look as nice as these and want to go back to reusable cleaning cloths!
    Thanks for the suggestions!

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