CTC Math for Homeschoolers – Review

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I will be the first to admit that I struggle with math. I excelled in almost all other subjects when I was in public school, but I struggled with math. Of all the subjects I must teach my children, math is the one subject where I just lack confidence. I do not want to pass on that mentality to my kids. I don’t want them to think math is hard just because I struggle with it. That is why I am so thankful there are programs like CTC Math available for homeschoolers to help us where we lack confidence. Let’s dive into this CTCMath review!

CTC Math for Homeschoolers Review

CTC Math Review

What is CTC Math?

CTCMath Review

CTC Math is a complete online math curriculum taught by Australian Pat Murray. It includes math lessons for children in grades Kindergarten all the way though high school. You can use this program with your youngest learners to teach them to count, and your oldest learners to teach them trigonometry. 

The 12 Month Family Plan gives you and up to 10 students access to all lessons and grade levels.

What is unique about CTC Math? Your child will get a full lesson to help them learn math concepts. Each lesson engages both visual and auditory learners. Your student will hear Pat teach the lesson and will see diagrams and explanations. At the end of each lesson is a set of questions for your child to answer.

Once your child completes all necessary attempts in a topic, they will be awarded a certificate. Certificates help motivate children and build confidence.

How we used CTC Math.

CTC Math Kindergarten

Currently, I have only my oldest child set up with CTC Math. He is working on about a Kindergarten level. I had him start with the Number, Patterns, and Algebra Stream and then start with the first set, which is called Number I. In that set are lessons on:

  1. Numbers 1-5
  2. Numbers 6-10
  3. Zero and Counting to 10
  4. Numbers as Words
  5. Numbers up to 20
  6. Counting in Action

He already knows how to count up to 10 fairly well, so I had him start with Numbers up to 20 and also do Counting in Action.

Colour in 14 stars

Do we recommend CTC Math?

Usually, he really enjoys math, but let’s face it. He is a six year old boy and would rather build LEGOs or ride bikes. I really struggled to get him to focus on the lessons and complete the questions. Now, that does not mean this is a bad program at all! I really think it has a lot to do with the fact that it has been spring/summer during this review and he is just ready to PLAY!

I was able to get him to complete some of the lessons and start working on the questions. He easily got bored with the repetitiveness of some of the questions.

Despite my struggle to get my son motivated, I do believe in and recommend this program. Pat Murray’s Australian accent is definitely interesting to listen to and I love how detailed each lesson is.

I am planning to set up my 4-year-old daughter’s account soon and have her begin working on the Kindergarten lessons. I am also planning to continue having my son work through the lessons. 

If you lack confidence in math like I do, I definitely recommend this program, even if it just to help reinforce concepts. 

CTCmath Review
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  1. Is the CTC HOMESCHOOL MATH ONLINE LESSONS ONLY GO UP TO SIXTH GRADE? I’m no Math Teacher & know the Basic Fundamentals. My son is in sixth Grade and majorly struggling with Math. He used to love Math & now he is in ?S. Of course I want to build his confidence and get him back on track. Are we too late to jump in? Annmarie

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