DIY Pregnancy Bath Salts

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I hit my third trimester a few weeks ago and the body aches and pains started around the same time. The end of pregnancy can be pretty rough as you carry around extra pregnancy weight and your joints and ligaments relax and stretch. One of my best pregnancy tips for soothing a sore and tired pregnant body is using DIY pregnancy bath salts. These bath salts aren’t only good for pregnancy, though. You can use them anytime you are feeling sore and tired. 

These DIY pregnancy bath salts help soothe tired, sore muscles and relax mamas before the big day!

DIY Pregnancy Bath Salts

My pregnancy bath salts are comprised of two ingredients. 

2 cups epsom salt

4-6 drops lavender essential oil

You can combine them in an airtight container and use as needed, or just pour the epsom salts in your bath while the water is running and add the essential oil.

Let’s talk about the benefits of these two ingredients, especially during late pregnancy.

Espom Salt

Espsom salt really isn’t salt. It’s magnesium and sulfate, which are two naturally occurring minerals. It dissolves easily in bath water, so it makes an excellent soak. 

One of the worst ailments I experience during pregnancy is leg cramps. The magnesium in the epsom salt helps to prevent those pesky leg cramps. It can also help soothe stretched skin, aid with digestion, reduce stress, and replenish magnesium, which many Americans are deficient in.

Lavender Essential Oil

My favorite essential oil is lavender. It can be used for so many things. Just to err on the safe side, I only use lavender essential oil during the last half of my pregnancy.

Lavender is a very soothing essential oil. It helps to relieve tension and stress. It’s also very helpful if you are battling pregnancy insomnia. 

Aside from bath time, you can use the lavender essential oil in a diffuser or add a drop to your pillow to help you get a restful night’s sleep.

From now until August 20th, my favorite essential oil company, Rocky Mountain Oils, is having a Mom’s Best Friend Sale!  

DIY pregnancy bath salts

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  1. Thank you so much Joanie, this was so helpful especially knowing how stressful and difficult pregnancy can be. I should definitely try making this. By the way, how are you feeling now?

      1. I am not sure about Epsom salts during pregnancy bc it is my understanding they complicate diabetes and should not be used without a doctor’s supervision by diabetics; many women experience pregnancy related blood sugar issues, including diabetes. I believe Espinoza salts do two things: soaking in them causes a surge in blood sugar, the magnesium is absorbed through the skin- magnesium relative to other minerals is less concentrated so that is potentially a problem- and also, to be blunt, the Epsom salts tend to have laxative effects. So I may be incorrect but that’s what I recall. You might want to add a cautionary note or a disclaimer. Lavender also has hormone like effects and I’d use that sparingly in pregnancy as well, and not on male children at all (gynecomastia, etc). It’s possibly a little controversial but I’m a female and I can attest to a slew of hormone effects just from using lavender, including breast effects. Fortunately for me it helps. Anyway- that’s my two cents.

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