Easy Cast Iron Skillet Chicken Breast Recipes

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One of my very favorite tools in my kitchen is my cast iron skillet. I’ve been using cast iron for at least ten years now, and I’m building up a nice collection of my best cast iron skillet recipes. My family and I eat a lot of chicken, especially chicken breast because my husband prefers white meat. Today I am going to share with you 15 delicious and easy cast iron skillet chicken breast recipes that you can try tonight! Cooking chicken in the cast iron skillet is such a great cooking method. You just have to try it!

Healthy Skillet Chicken Breast Recipes

Looking for a yummy and easy cast iron skillet chicken breast recipe? These are perfect for your weeknight meal!

Cast Iron Skillet Chicken Breast Recipes with Sauce

Since chicken breast tends to be a bit dry, cooking it with a tasty sauce can really make a delicious meal! Use your cast iron pan to create juicy chicken breasts that are just perfect an easy weeknight dinner.

Easy Cast Iron Skillet Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipes

If you really want to add incredible flavor to a plain old chicken breast, try one of these tasty cast iron skillet stuffed chicken breast recipes!

All of these chicken breast cast iron skillet recipes are delicious and sure to be a hit for your next dinner. Need help with your cast iron? I recommend Lodge cast iron skillets. They come pre-seasoned and have always worked well for me.

And if you’re new to cast iron, check out my How To Care for Cast Iron post for the rundown!

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