Family Command Center & Launch Zones

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Alright guys, let’s talk about a home organization project you can get started on today and it will help jumpstart your home organization. I’m talking about setting up a family command center and launch zones in your home! Having a centralized space for incoming papers, a family calendar, and a dedicated spot for items such as coats, purses, shoes, and sunglasses helps everyone know what’s going on and get out the door smoothly!

Family command center and launch zones

What is a family command center?

A family command center is a centralized spot for keeping up with the goings-on of a family. There are a lot of different ways you can configure your home command center. Today I’m going to show you a super simple/functional set-up.

We keep our command center in our mud room. The tiny room between our garage and kitchen. It’s out of the way and not visible from any of the main parts of our house, but it’s an area we walk through every time we leave or come home.

What do you put in a command center?

First, you need something to frame your command center. I am personally using a bulletin board. This method is easy peasy, I can change the background if I want, I can use tacks and constantly change what is on the board. It works for us.

bulletin board family command center

The first thing I put into my command center is a calendar. You can, of course, print a calendar or use one you purchase from a store. I’m using a pretty bird themed calendar. Use the calendar to write down birthdays, holidays, vacations, and any important upcoming events.

I do use some family command center printables on my bulletin board. I use our weekly family schedule to fill in the things we do on a weekly basis for each person. I can write down my daughter’s dance schedule, my sons’ scout schedules, church events we have on a recurring basis, homeschool classes we attend, etc., just to keep everyone straight on what’s going on during the week.

daily zones family command center printable

I also keep my Daily Zones chore chart on the bulletin board. I assign my kids different zones to clean up. If  they are having trouble remembering each thing that should be taken care of in that zone, the can reference the bulletin board. 

We have several tacks on our bulletin board. Kids can hang up their artwork, we can tack up event flyers we receive, invitations, or any other important paper with pertinent information.

wire mail basket

Finally, right below the bulletin board I have a wire mail basket. When we come inside from checking the mail, we can slip any bills or important pieces of mail that need to be dealt with right into the basket. Easy!

Family Launch Zones

We have two main launch zones in our house. You may be wondering what a launch zone is. Basically, it’s a designated spot in your home for items you need to leave the house; things like shoes, keys, sunglasses, coats, etc. 

coat rack

In our mudroom, we have a large rack with hooks. Since we have a large family, this works out well for us. I keep everyone’s coats here, as well as my purse, our church bag, hats, the dogs’ harness, and some extra Aldi bags. It’s so easy to grab and go! 

shoe storage bench

Directly underneath the hooks is our shoe bench. I bought the bench from Amazon several years ago, and it’s still working well. This bench is similar to the one I purchased. Everyone’s shoes that are worn on a daily basis are tossed in the bench (no we don’t really organize it!) and when it’s time to leave, a kid can pull out his shoes and sit on the bench to put them on.

Launch zone basket

Our last launch zone is on the kitchen counter right beside the entryway into our mudroom. This place is usually the catch-all. I got tired of things being spread all over the counter, so I just placed a cute little basket in the spot. Now keys, sunglasses, and other little odds and ends can go into the basket instead of all over my counter and eventually all over the floor after the kids get ahold of it!

And that’s it! Super simple, but helps us stay more organized.

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