Homeschool Spanish Academy Review

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I want to say thank you so much to Homeschool Spanish Academy for allowing my kids to try their classes! As always, all opinions are my own.

I do so enjoy doing homeschool curriculum reviews and letting you know when I find amazing resources for your homeschool. I think I have truly found a gem with this review today. Here’s a little tidbit about me that you may not know. I love language and almost minored in Spanish in college. The only reason I did not was because I needed online classes and couldn’t take Spanish online at that time. Well, I’m thankful we live in a world where technology has made learning languages much easier. Today I’m going to give you my Homeschool Spanish Academy review and tell you why you should add it to your homeschool!

Homeschool Spanish Curriculum

If you’re looking for a homeschool Spanish curriculum that allows your child to learn Spanish in a one on one setting with a native Spanish speaker, you have to check out Homeschool Spanish Academy. We have tried various homeschool Spanish curriculum throughout our homeschool journey, but I have struggled with using them consistently. Homeschool Spanish Academy makes consistency much easier for us!

What is Homeschool Spanish Academy?

Homeschool Spanish Academy is a completely online program that can be used with younger kids, as well as older kids needing high school credit. HSA follows a curriculum, and you as the parent have access to all lessons.

All you have to do is register for your classes, you have the option of 50 minute or 25 minute sessions, schedule your sessions, you choose which teacher you want and exactly when you want your classes, take the classes online through Google Hangouts, download and submit any homework online, and you also have the option for your child to take quizzes and exams. You will also always be able to see your child’s report cards and progress.

Each class is structured in a way that your child will go over a review with the teacher, be introduced to new concepts, and then the remaining time in the session your child will apply those new concepts in Spanish conversations with the teacher.

How much does Homeschool Spanish Academy cost?

You always have the option to try your first lesson for FREE to see if HSA is a fit for your family. If you like HSA you have a few different options.

Fifteen 25 minute sessions will cost you $149, and you can also choose 30 or 60 classes. Payment plans are offered to make the classes more affordable. 50 minute sessions are more expensive, but your high schooler can earn credit with the courses.

How we use Homeschool Spanish Academy in our Homeschool

I currently have two students taking classes with HSA. My oldest son and oldest daughter have been doing their sessions on Mondays and are really learning a lot! I go over any homework or review with my kids before they do their sessions, and then they will often sit with me while they do their work. I can hear what’s going on without actually being involved in the class.

What we like about Homeschool Spanish Academy

We love so much about HSA. My favorite part of HSA is that my kids are learning from native Spanish speakers. We’ve been able to choose which teachers my kids have and consistently return to the same teacher with each session. My kids feel accountable for learning the materials because I have allowed their teachers to quiz them.

I enjoy being able to download each lesson for my kids and review with them easily. The curriculum progresses and the teachers make sure that the students understand the concepts before moving on. Whether you are wanting to introduce your kids to Spanish or looking for high school credit for your older children, I recommend you give HSA a try!

Don’t forget to sign up for your free Homeschool Spanish Academy class!

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  1. You should check out the Expedition Spanish program! We moved to it from homeschool Spanish academy because my kiddos just were not engaged enough. They are SO engaged with Expedition Spanish. Senior Wolf is a great, fun teacher!

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