Gardening Preschool Theme and Activities

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We did a preschool gardening theme for the months of April and May in our homeschool preschool. I love doing unit studies and since we were planting our own little container garden, I figured a study focused on gardening would be perfect. Spring is the perfect time to start working on a garden preschool theme, so let’s go!

Garden theme for preschool

Garden Theme Lesson Plans for Preschool and Kindergarten 

I always start out our unit studies by finding books at the library that fit into the theme. Reading aloud with your preschoolers is critical, and I honestly believe if you do nothing else, read to them! They soak up so much just by listening to you read aloud some wonderful books.

We read our wonderful selection of books over the course of a few days. I always like to read first before we do our activities. My absolute favorite pick out of the above books was “Mortimer’s First Garden.” It is such a cute little Christian children’s book. Mortimer plants a sunflower seed in the book, so I thought we should plant some sunflower seeds, too!

You’ll also want to check out my garden themed preschool book list!

Garden Theme Preschool Activities

Plant Seeds

Of course, you cannot do a gardening theme with your preschoolers without planting seeds! We planted some sunflower seeds around our yard, and the kids planted some in some empty containers. They adore going outside to check the progress of their seeds and to also water our other container plants.

Another really cool activity is planting seeds in old toilet paper rolls and watching them grow. Once they get big enough you can transplant the entire thing to your garden!

Boy watering strawberry plants

We enjoy just letting the kids soak up our container garden. I let them help me with all the tasks. We water and cut herbs. The strawberries are starting to ripen, so we have been picking those, too!

Girl holding cilantro

Make Dirt Cups

As a fun treat, the kids and I made dirt cups. Now I realize this treat is not at all healthy, but it was so much fun to make and really tasty! Who doesn’t need a little treat now and again? Here’s the recipe!

3 cups milk

1 pack of instant chocolate pudding mix

1 container of Cool Whip

15 Oreos

Gummy Worms

Crush the Oreos. I used my Kitchen Ninja to pulverize them. Mix up the chocolate pudding mix and the milk following the package directions. Fold in the Cool Whip and 1/4 of the crushed Oreos. Place chocolate mixture into individual cups and top with Oreo crumbs. Add gummy worms on top and enjoy!

Preschool Garden Theme Printables

Whenever we do a theme, I like to print out a preschool pack for the kids to do. Bug really likes working with worksheets, so it’s great for him. I printed out this pack from Homeschool Creations. We had a lot of fun with it!

Gardening Preschool Pack. We are doing this as part of our Garden theme this summer!

So, that’s everything we did for our gardening preschool theme! Have you ever done a gardening theme in your preschool?

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