Lilla Rose Flexi Clip Review (For Beautiful Hair)

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I’m always on the lookout for different ways to style my hair. I like to keep my hair long, but find that I often need to tie it up so I can go about my day as a mom.  I received a Lilla Rose flexi clip a few years ago and really liked how I was able to do pretty buns with my hair, but I found that the clip was too big for me to do any half up, half down hairstyles.

I was so excited to try two different Lilla Rose flexi-clips: the Flexi Sport and a Flexi Flip with a reversible pin that flips to hold more or less hair, so now I can do both buns and half-up hairdo’s! I’m very excited to share with you my honest review of the Lilla Rose Flexi hair clips!

Lilla Rose Flexi Flip Review

Lilla Rose Flexi Clips

Flexi-Clips are not like regular hair clips. They are flexible hair clips made with music wire, which makes them strong but flexible so they will hold your hair all day without slipping.  Flexi clips are lightweight and designed not to pull on your hair like traditional hair ties, so if you’re prone to hairdo headaches, flexi clips should alleviate that issue.

Flexi clips come in multiple sizes and will work with all hair types. If you are looking for pretty hair accessories, you are sure to find something that works for you because there are so many different styles and colors to choose from.

How To Find the Right Size Flexi Clip

 I think one of the most difficult aspects of ordering a Lilla Rose clip is determining what size to purchase. There is a great sizing video that will help you just the perfect size for you. The size you choose will depend on how thick your pony tail is and what style you choose to wear your hair the most. There are several different hair types, and that will also determine what correct size you should order. 

I have medium thick hair with a bit of texture, so I choose the medium size Flexi Clip. I also have long hair and the medium size allows me to put it all up in a messy bun, French twist, or pony tail, but not a thick bun. I think I would need a large Flexi Clip to hold the amount of hair I have for big, braided buns. 

I also really enjoy the Flexi Flip because it gives me the options for even more hair styles. I’ll talk about that in just a bit.

The small size Flexi Clip is perfect for little girls, very thin hair, or if you are only wanting to hold a small bit of hair back.

Flexi Sport Clip

Flexi Sport Clip

If you haven’t heard of the Flexi Sports Clip, you are missing out! It is perfect for the busy mom who just wants to be able to easily throw her hair up and out of the way. It can totally replace all of those pony tail holders and hair bands you’re constantly losing.

The Flexi Sport  Clip has a rubbery type coating that is latex free for a no slip grip making them perfect for jogging, exercising, or swimming. It is waterproof.

Flexi Flip

Lilla Rose Flexi Flip

I think the product I was most excited about was the Flexi Flip. Like I said, I felt very limited with my Flexi Clip because I could only do certain hairstyles. The cool thing about the Flexi Flip is the sliding pin is reversible, so it can hold more or less hair depending on which side it turned toward your head. I can no do fancy half up do’s with my medium clip without having to buy different sizes. 

There are so many beautiful hair clips to choose from.  You are sure to find a design, or two that suits you!

What Hair Styles Can I Do with a Flexi Clip?

There are a variety of hair styles you can do with a Flexi Clip. You can do a basic pony tail, or get a little more fancy. There is a handy video available on the website that gives you tutorials for the variety of hair styles you can do!

Here are a few of the hairstyles we tried. I struggle to do my own hair, so I used my daughter’s hair for these photos.

Below is a Flexi Flip Up Do.

Flexi flip updo

Here is the Half Up Twist using the same Flexi Flip.

Flexi Flip Half Up Twist

My Review of Lilla Rose Hair Accessories

So, let’s get into my honest review. I am the type of woman who likes to throw my hair up in a claw clip and call it good, but Lilla Rose hair clips are so pretty and require just a little bit more effort. I really love the Flexi Sport Clip for everyday use and how it doesn’t slip out of my hair. 

My hair does have a bit of texture, but I think when using the regular Flexi Flip adding hair spray would help it hold a bit better. I find that it often falls after a while. I think there is definitely some trial and error when it comes to figuring out the best way to style my hair for my size hair clips.

​Overall, I really enjoy figuring out which hair styles suit me and it’s always a lot of fun to get a new clip in the mail!

Other Favorite Lilla Rose Products 

Not only does Lilla Rose have an amazing product line with the Flexi Clips, but as I mentioned they carry the Flexi Sport, and the Flexi Flip. They also have a variety of bobby pins, hair sticks, U-pins, and hair bands to choose from!

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