The Big Happy Planner Teacher Edition Flip-Through 2019-2020

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Who is ready for a new school year? As you may know, we started our homeschool year last week. I really enjoy having a separate planner just for my school related things. I have to keep track of our attendance and I like to keep a calendar and records of books the kids have read, our field trips, etc.

Last year I did a completely DIY homeschool planner. I really liked it, but didn’t use it as much as I would have liked. When I saw that Walmart is now carrying The Happy Planner and they put out the teacher editions with the school supplies, I decided to go ahead and purchase one! The Happy Planner is a pretty basic planner with lots of options to customize. I like that I can still add in printables I already have. I just need to purchase a Happy Planner punch and I can put whatever I want in! Let’s do a Happy Planner Teacher Edition Flip-Through!

Big Happy Planner Teacher Edition

So, let’s dive in and take a look at what comes with The Big Happy Planner Teacher Edition! You’re definitely going to want to watch my YouTube video at the bottom of this post to get the full flip-through!

I chose this particular cover because it matches My Homeschool Preschool Planner. I really liked the apple and the red discs. I will be adding in pages from My Homeschool Preschool Planner to make this planner work for me.

On the first page you have a place to enter your name and school information. The next spread includes an academic calendar and reference notes for the substitute. Obviously, I won’t need those reference notes. 

Each divider page is different. I have included a few of the different spreads. I just love how colorful this planner is.

There are many encouraging and inspiring messages throughout the planner.

I love the glasses. So. Cute.

Here’s a look at a monthly spread. There are a few different patterns across the tops of the monthly spreads and the weekends are color blocked.

Here’s a peek at the weekly spread. I like how there are seven boxes per day, so I can plan for seven subjects. My thinking is to use different colors for each kid when I am trying to plan individual work. 

I also picked up a book of stickers. This book is specifically for teachers and is super cute. There are some stickers I probably won’t really be able to use as a homeschool mom, but I can make most work. I really like these list stickers.

And of course the encouraging stickers are just cute for decorating spreads.

I really wanted to snag these tabs in case I decide to add more dividers to my planner.

There are even stickers for holidays!

And that’s it! I do plan to hit up Michael’s pretty soon to add some more accessories to my planner, and to pick up a punch so I can add my own printables, as well. As soon as I get my homeschool planner set-up, I will show you how I use a Happy Planner for homeschooling!

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