10 Old Fashioned Habits to Save You Money


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A lot has changed in recent years and several old fashioned habits have been tossed aside. Getting rid of these habits can cost you big money! I’ve come up with 10 old fashioned habits we practice in our household that will help save you some money.


Save Part of Your Paycheck

Get into the habit of setting aside a certain amount of your paycheck. If you need to start small, for example $10, start there. Any little bit helps! It’s so important to set financial goals and then actually start to work toward them.

Cook at Home

This is a no-brainer, but if you’re serious about saving money, get serious about learning to cook your own food. We have a pizza night every Friday, and I have started making pizza at home instead of ordering out so much. Craftsy has a fun free class on making pizza if you need a little push to do that!

Do Free Activities

Look for free activities to do in your community. Go for a hike, visit a local park, look for opportunities for free entertainment for your family and do them! My kids love to go to the local park and skip rocks. It’s the simple things.

Pack a Lunch

This is another easy one, but every time you go out to one of your free outings that I mentioned above, bring your lunch and snacks with you! When you do eat out, make it a special event not a regular expectation.

Learn a Craft

Now I’m not going to tell you to learn everything out there. I’ve tried several crafts and ended up wasting money, but I do want to encourage you to pick one craft that you really love and learn to do it to your best ability. It could be knitting, candle making, soap making, or whatever. Master that craft and you have an arsenal of homemade gifts to give and you’ll probably get some great enjoyment out of it!

Get Creative with Clothing

I stretch my daughter’s dresses. When they get a bit too short, I pair them with leggings. We love to shop kids’ consignment sales and thrift stores for kids’ clothes, too. For myself, I have learned that it’s important to buy quality pieces that will last. I’ve had four pregnancies in six years, so my body seems to constantly be a different size, but I have a few quality items in each size that I wear until I get back to “my” size. When my husband got a new job, he had to have business attire, so we shopped at discount stores like Burlington Coat Factory and TJ Maxx to find his clothes for much less than we would pay at the mall.

Avoid Debt

Avoid debt like the plague. Try to save up for big purchases. I know it’s easier said than done, but working toward a goal and earning it free and clear is a great feeling.

Use Your Library

Make use of your library. Read instead of watching TV. Hey, you can even borrow DVDs! Make use of your library’s programs for some free entertainment for your kids!

Do It Yourself

Don’t hire out things you can do yourself. If you’re able, do your own yard work. Paint your own walls. Tackle projects that you can. Now, if it’s something you aren’t going to be able to do right, for example a tile job, it might cost you less in the long run to hire it out.

Be Content

I’m all about being ambitious and chasing dreams, but at the same time there is great joy in being content where you are. Do you really need a bigger and “better” house? Do you really need a shiny new car? Love the life you’ve been given.

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