A Homemaker’s Prayer

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As homemakers, our jobs often go unnoticed. Society treats us like we pretty much do nothing. We know that can’t be further from the truth. I wrote A Homemaker’s Prayer with the hope that we would see the purpose in what we do.

Some days I struggle with my tasks. The chores seem like too much. I’m correcting my children for the same things over and over again. When my husband’s home he does little things that seem like they make my job harder.  We have the greatest and most important job in the world sweet mamas. We have the power to change the world. It starts in our homes. We have purpose.

I keep this little poem in the front of my home management binder. Every time I open my binder I see this and I am reminded to ask God to help me be the best mama and the best wife that I can be. I know I’m not a perfect person and things won’t go perfectly, but sometimes I just need this reminder. What we do is important!

A Homemaker’s Prayer

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a homemaker's prayer display

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  1. I am a Grandmother of eight and a Mother of two and Your poem is right on.We are all under appreciated by this materialistic world society doesn’t appreciate anyone that isn’t making them money.I worked raising my kids and took on part time jobs then when they were older I worked all the time outside the house I also helped and still do sometimes to watch my Grandchildren.As long as I can remember Women have struggled to be Mothers,Grandmother’s and maintain a household plus any possible income that might help.Our society just doesn’t get that we raise and care for the future leaders and tax payers of this world so put a price on that and see how much it all adds up to.I’m speaking for all the underappreciated Grandmother’s and Mother’s of this world.

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