How To Find Contentment in the Mundane Tasks of Homemaking

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I know how it is. The mountainous laundry pile mocks you every time you walk past it. There’s always clothes to fold, clothes to put away, and by the time you do that there’s another pile to wash. It’s the same with dishes. Once you get the breakfast dishes put away the sink is full again from lunch. No matter how many systems you set up around your home, things always end up out of place, so you spend another 15 minutes moving things back to where they go. There’s bills to pay, meals to cook and then clean up after, pets to tend to, and a myriad of other chores that beckon you daily.

Some days you resent those mundane tasks of homemaking. Some days you may even get angry that someone forgot to rinse their plate, or that your son didn’t quite get his clean clothes put away. 

Homemaking is hard work.

But did you know, that homemaking is a ministry?

I read it a while ago, and ever since then I’ve started looking at my role as a homemaker in a different light. 

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How To Find Contentment In The Mundane Tasks of Homemaking

Wear a Fun Apron

This may seem really silly, and maybe it’s not your cup of tea, but wearing an apron always gets me in the domestic mood. If I have a big mountain of chores to tackle, the apron just gives me that extra little push to get things done. My husband has bought me all of my aprons, but always has really cute ones, too!

On that note, getting dressed altogether is very motivating for tackling the days’ work. If I stay in PJs all day just because I’m home all day, I’m not going to want to do anything. Put forth a little effort in the morning to get dressed, fix your hair/do your makeup if you like, and wear a cute apron! As soon as I finish getting ready for the day, I tidy my bedroom.

  • I make my bed.
  • Pick up stray items and put them away.
  • Take out any odd things that have made their way into my room from my travelling children during the night. Haha!

 Once my room is tackled, I can start in with everything else I need to get done that morning.

Listen to Music or Podcasts

Listen while you work! We always like to crank up the music during our cleaning sessions, and yes, my children pitch in. They are the ones who actually prefer to listen to the music. Their main jobs are usually to help pick up the clutter that has accumulated during our school time, but they also help with taking out trash, sweeping, and putting away their own laundry. I like to divide our home into daily zones, and we can follow that pretty well for our day-to-day cleaning. 

While you’re folding laundry or washing dishes, you can listen to inspiring podcasts. Some of my favorite podcasts are: The Homemaking Foundations Podcast and Read Aloud Revival.  

Look at the Big Picture

The most important thing you can do as a homemaker is look at the big picture. Those every day tasks that you are doing that seem like drudgery, are serving your family. You’re nourishing your children with healthy meals, you’re providing them with clean clothes, you’re giving them a clean home to grow up in. 

Mama, you’re building a life with your children and for your children. Those mundane homemaking tasks are just part of the job. 

I wrote A Homemaker’s Prayer specifically to remind the homemaker to look at the big picture. The digital print is available in my shop for $1.99.

a homemaker's prayer display

While you’re doing those tasks, you are also teaching your children many things. You can bring your child alongside you and teach them how to do those tasks so that they will not struggle to keep their own home one day. You’re teaching them about diligence and patience while you do the same tasks over and over. 

Housework may never be fun, but it’s a part of life. Change your perspective a little bit, and you may be able to get through it without dreading it so much!

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  1. Joanie, I’m so glad I found your blog (through the GWG launch team)! I subscribed and have been enjoying your posts. It seems like we have a lot in common with our message. I look forward to following along and sharing!

    1. Thanks so much, Katie! I’ve checked out some of your posts lately and have enjoyed them also. It’s great to find like-minded bloggers!

    2. This is so funny, Katie. It was actually your blog where I read that homemaking is a ministry. I had no idea until just now when I was checking out your site! God works in mysterious ways!

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