7 Ways to Have a Christ-Centered Christmas

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This year I want our family’s Christmas to be different. I want to turn my family’s focus to Christ. Over the years, my husband and I have cultivated a simple, magical Christmas for our kids, but I would love to do more. I would love to really bring the focus back to Christ during our Christmas activities this year. 

I’ve created a list of seven ways to have a Christ-Centered Christmas. These are seven small things that I am planning to do this year that will make a huge impact on our Christmas. We are bringing the focus back to where it should be. 

How to have a Christ-Centered Christmas your family will love.

7 Ways To Have a Christ-Centered Christmas

Set Up a Nativity Set 

I’ve always loved nativity sets. They are so beautiful to look at. I remember going to my grandparents’ home as a child and admiring my grandmother’s nativity set. She always placed it on the mantle of the fireplace. Here on the blog, I have simple, printable nativity pieces that your children can play with. Turn them into magnets or stick puppets. You can even back them with felt for a felt board.

For something more durable, we really love the Fisher Price Little People nativity set.

Read the Christmas Story from the Bible

Every Christmas Eve I make sure to gather the kids around and read the Christmas story in the Bible. We read the Birth of Jesus from Luke 2: 1-20. There is something so special about gathering around the Christmas tree and reading that special story. We turn off all of the lights except the lights from the Christmas tree, drink hot apple cider, and revel in the birth of our Lord.


This looks like another really great activity, plus a fun alternative to the Elf on a Shelf. Read the Shepherd on the Search to your kids, and hide the shepherd every day so your kids can find him each morning! I think we are definitely going to be doing this one this year!

Do a 30 Day Bible Study Leading Up to Christmas


For a more in-depth look at the birth of Jesus, I am planning to do a 30 day Bible study this year. We are using the 30 Day Scripture Countdown from the Christ-Centered Family Traditions System. I love that this system tells me exactly what verses to read each day, and we can focus our minds and hearts towards Christ each day from the end of November until Christmas. 

Do 30 Christmas Acts of Kindness

Another activity we are doing is 30 Christmas acts of kindness. This activity is also from the Christ-Centered Family Traditions System. I’m so excited about allowing my children to experience the joy of giving. Honestly, doing something nice for someone else is so much better than getting things for ourselves.

Decorate Your Home with Christ-Centered Printables

I love how easy it is to use printables as decor in our home. I will be using the printables from the Christ-Centered Family Traditions system in our home to turn our hearts toward Christ. I will be hanging up a few of the printables in our schoolroom, and I will also decorate our dining room with one in my favorite frame.

Give a Birthday Gift to Jesus

This is something we have absolutely never done before. How special is it to give a gift to our Savior? On Christmas morning, my kids will write what they want to give Jesus this year. It won’t be anything tangible, but more behavior based. I’m planning to bake a cake for Jesus and sing happy birthday, too!

Sing Christmas Hymns Together

Finally, we will learn all of my favorite Christmas hymns this year. I love Silent Night, O Holy Night, and several others. Some of my fondest memories are of singing these songs with family in the candlelight. I definitely want to start that tradition with my kids this year, too!

I am so excited about our family’s Christmas this year. Do you have any ideas for bringing Christ back to Christmas? I’d love to hear them in the comments down below!

In a world where people are turning away from Christ, it is so important to bring him back to the forefront. Here are 7 ways you can have a Christ-Centered Christmas and start new traditions with your family.

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