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We just finished the L is for leaf unit in My Father’s World kindergarten and we had a blast! I really love that my kids love school and My Father’s World! We did a lot of things with this unit. I think the kids enjoyed leaf collecting the most! I didn’t get a picture, but we made our very own leaf identification book with free printable leaf identification cards from Wildflower Ramblings. We were able to get outside and figure out what trees our leaves came from!

L is for Leaf - My Father's World Kindergarten

L is for Leaf – My Father’s World Kindergarten


There are just the right amount of worksheets in each of these units. Bug doesn’t have a very long attention span, but he is able to complete each worksheet with no problems!


We continue to build on sounds learned from previous units. It makes my heart happy that he is remembering everything I have taught him!


Our fun projects included leaf rubbings and leaf painting. Bug also drew a tree that we labeled (leaves, trunk, roots).


Since we moved we still have not made it to our new library to get library cards, so we had to do all of our reading from the books on our shelves. We chose The Tale of Peter Rabbit for book time. Afterwards, Bug “wrote” and illustrated his very own story following the storyline of the Peter Rabbit book. He is so incredibly proud of his book. He even put it on our bookshelf. This is just one reason why I homeschool!


We also do the corresponding pages in our Cuisenaire Rod book. Bug loves to do stuff like this. Sis also likes to help!


My kids love the Classical music included with the MFW K deluxe package. We always listen to it on our last day of the unit and the kids dance and dance! I should have taken a picture of that!

I am a huge advocate of poetry for children. I love just reading poems to them. There are so many poems in A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson that can coordinate with the units in MFW K. This book is recommended by Ambleside Online and is beautifully illustrated.  There aren’t any poems directly about leaves, but it is autumn here and I found a couple of poems we could enjoy. So, I read “Autumn Fires” and “The Wind” to the kids. Lovely poetry.


98116: A Child"s Garden of VersesA Child’s Garden of Verses

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Pinterest is my favorite place to find extra activities for our units. I have an entire MFW K Pinterest board. Follow me on Pinterest to see if there are some ideas you could use, too!

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