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One thing I firmly believe in as a busy mom is teaching my kids how to cook. Food is such an essential part of life and I want to make the art of putting together a meal and sharing it with each other enjoyable. I have one child who naturally loves to be in the kitchen. Whether she’s helping me, her Mimi, or her Nana and Papa, she is in the kitchen chopping, observing, and creating things on her own. I want to help her and my other kids develop their skills. One way to teach kids to cook is with monthly cooking kits. We recently discovered a company that does just that called Harlow’s Harvest, and we are excited to share what we have learned with you!

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Learn how easy it is to teach kids to cook with a monthly kids cooking kit from Harlow's Harvest in this review. Watch my daughter and I create healthy recipes all kids can cook!

Teach Kids To Cook – Healthy Cooking Lesson Plans

My daughter couldn’t believe the amazing recipes that came in our first Harlow’s Harvest box. Our recipes included heart shaped sushi, miso soup, and Japanese butter cookies. The timing couldn’t have been better because we are actually studying Japan in our homeschool right now!

While we are familiar with making Chinese food at home, we have never attempted Japanese. I was excited to take Audrey shopping to find some of the ingredients that we had never used. Our cooking kit included a shopping list for each recipe and a budget breakdown so we could work in some math skills and set a budget for our shopping trip.

She also received a special Harlow’s Harvest apron, and a pin depicting the meal we were making together. She was so excited about this. Her brothers go to Home Depot workshops and get pins every time they complete a project, so now she gets an apron and pins, too!

Each cooking kit also comes with a fun cooking tool. We received the dove shaped cookie cutter for our butter cookies. Audrey and I love to make cookies together, so this cooking tool will definitely get repeated!

Cooking with Kids – Recipes

The recipes came on laminated cards with easy, step-by-step instructions. I really enjoyed that the cards are laminated, so they can get dirty or wet and we can still use them again to recreate the meal! They are very high quality.

To give a quick recap, with this cooking kit we made:

  • Heart Shaped Sushi
  • Miso Soup
  • Butter Cookies

The recipes included healthy ingredients like vegetables, tofu, and miso. I was really impressed that the meals were not only pretty and fun to make, but also healthy! Kids cook real food with Harlow’s Harvest!

If you’re looking for a homeschool cooking curriculum, Harlow’s Harvest also includes a Chef’s Academy sheet where you can check off the cooking skills that your child has learned. 

Each recipe card includes an activity or fun, educational facts related to the meals your child will be making. It’s a great learning experience all the way around!

Cooking Activity Lesson Plan

Another fun thing about this monthly kit is that it includes a STEM project. Our project was to grow an avocado. We have never done this before, so it was so interesting to put it together. Oddly enough, when my kids went to their gardening class at the library they learned that they could grow an avocado there, too! I absolutely love when we can make connections everywhere we go!

Cooking Lesson Plans for Preschool

Yep, I said preschool. Harlow’s Harvest is designed to be used with kids ages 4-15. You can see Miss Ava who is only three helping us cook our sushi in the video, but with a parent’s help and the visuals on the cards, preschoolers can learn all of these fun cooking skills, too.

I really enjoyed helping Audrey with cutting and showing her how to hold the knife.

She had a blast packing the sushi into our cookie cutters (we used a bee and squirrel because we didn’t have a heart), and decorating with the vegetables. The sushi was very delicious, too!

Overview of Harlow’s Harvest Monthly Cooking Kits

  • Harlow’s Harvest offers monthly cookings kits for kids & parents to enjoy together! 
  • The kits have fun, colorful visuals and focus on practical culinary skills, budgeting nutrition, STEM, history, and geography to keep children engaged.
  • Harlow’s Harvest kits are a super easy way to spice up family time in the kitchen. 
  • This is perfect for homeschooling families because these kits bring the classroom into the kitchen! Harlow’s Harvest makes it easy for parents to teach their children to make healthy, nutritious food choices, and learn practical life skills from an early age. 
  • Harlow’s Harvest was started by the mother-daughter duo Ashley Tyrner, founder of Farmbox Direct, and her 8-year-old daughter Harlow in New York City. 

How much does it cost?

  • Monthly Memberships are $23 per month with free U.S. shipping
  • A six month membership is $126
  • A twelve month membership is $228

Use code TG20 to get 1 free kit upon purchase of a six or twelve month subscription!

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  1. Thank you for this helpful review! I have been thinking about this subscription but wanted to know more which is exactly what you provided!

    Also, for the record, my favorite food is watermelon! ?

  2. This is a very good way to get your Children interested and making memories while doing it. Who knows you may have the next best Chef.

  3. Is the giveaway over? I cannot click to enter…favorite food right now are snacking peppers and wild tree ranch dip! Pregnancy craving!

  4. I’m afraid we were quite disappointed with this product. My first concern – the website clearly states in several places that you can cancel at any time, when, in reality, I’m told you can’t once you sign up for a subscription.
    Concern #2 – there is work needing to be done on age appropriateness. We purchased this as a gift for our grandson, age 4. Month one the kit came with a garlic press – well, okay, but seems a bit advanced for a four year old. Month two was a rice paddle. Also a sort of off the wall choice, but again, okay. But the crux of the problem was that of the numerous recipes included with the box, only one used the item that was sent. So one recipe using the garlic press but multiple other recipes that were not related to garlic. Ditto with the rice paddle. Additionally, while a shopping list and science experiments were also tossed in, they were over a four year old’s head. And the science experiments, while a nice idea, had nothing to do with the garlic press or the rice paddle. So it’s a good idea but very disjointed in it’s implementation. I think a lot more work needs to go into matching age appropriate skills with baking and cooking tasks.

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