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After much internal debate over whether or not we would continue with My Father’s World curriculum, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase My Father’s World ECC (Exploring Countries and Cultures) when I found a great deal on a used set. We will be using My Father’s World ECC for my third grader and first grader. I’m pretty excited about the opportunity to teach the kids about the world at large.

So, what are we studying in My Father’s World ECC? Let’s take a look. 

Learn what we are studying this year with My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures.

My Father’s World Exploring Countries and Cultures

Here’s what’s included in the basic package:

  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Parent/Teacher Supplement
  • Student Sheets
  • Fast Facts
  • Flags of the World Ultimate Sticker Book
  • Passport
  • Exploring World Geography
  • Hero Tales
  • Window on the World
  • God Speaks Numanggang
  • Children’s Atlas of God’s World
  • Classroom Atlas, 13th Edition
  • Wall Map of the World
  • Maps and Globes
  • Geography from A to Z
  • A Trip Around the World
  • Another Trip Around the World
  • Properties of Ecosystems, 4th Edition
  • Living World Encyclopedia
  • Global Art
  • Wee Sing Around the World (CD)

I have purchased a few things separately since we did not get the deluxe package. 

We bought The Great Animal Search, and I am using to purchase the Christian Heroes: Then and Now recommended read-alouds.

Everything I have read says that ECC is a big step up from MFW Adventures, which we will be finishing up very soon. 

MFW ECC and what we are studying this year.

Bible Curriculum

For Bible the kids will be learning verses from the book of Matthew, which is my favorite book in the Bible. We will also be reading from Hero Tales and learning about different ethnic groups in Window on the World.

Reading Curriculum

MFW always has a wonderful book list in the appendix of the teacher’s manual that includes books we use for book basket time. In addition to those books, I am choosing to assign books to each of my students and those will be listed in their individual curriculum studies.

Geography Curriculum

Instead of a history study this year, we will be doing a geography study. We will work on studying maps, learning geographic terms, and doing hands-on activities as we study 15 different countries throughout the year.

Science Curriculum

This year we will be learning about different habitats and how they correlate with the countries we are studying. I love how these things are tied together.

Art & Music Curriculum

Global Art and Wee Sing Around the World will be our catalyst for learning about art and music from different countries and cultures.

Foreign Language Curriculum

This is the first year we will be studying a foreign language. I have chosen to start the kids with Song School Spanish and I am hopeful they will like it. I also bought them the Song School Spanish DVD.

This is everything that we will be studying as a family. I am excited for another year of My Father’s World! I will have separate posts to tell you what the kids are doing independently this year.

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