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One of the first things you need to do once you decide that you want to do the Life: Simplified Project is set your goals. Now, I can’t tell you everything there is to how to live simply, but I can show you my goal planning process and maybe give you some inspiration. 

FREE Printable Life: Simplified Goal Planning Worksheet

So far, I have divided my goals for this project into three areas. You may have more areas you want to focus on in your life, and that is fine. Mine are:

Home Organization



Within each of those areas, I have written down the specific goals I want to accomplish. The purpose of this is to approach things in little bite-sized chunks instead of trying to attack them all at once. If I try to accomplish several of my goals in one weekend, I am going to burn out! If I carve out one small goal to work on a weekend at a time, I am more likely to not only feel accomplished because I am getting something done, but I will also be motivated to keep going!

Right now I have each area set up with six mini-projects to start and finish, one-at-a-time.

Home Organization

  • Organize linen closet
  • Organize kitchen/pantry
  • Organize laundry room
  • Organize kids’ rooms/toys
  • Organize homeschool room
  • Organize living room/entertainment center


  • Have some sort of “date” with husband once a week. Can be a movie after kids are asleep. 🙂
  • Re-vamp cleaning schedule/assign children chores
  • Establish a new homeschool routine
  • Establish set quiet times for children
  • Set beginning of the month budget meetings with husband
  • Establish my own quiet time


  • Plan monthly menus
  • Clip coupons weekly
  • Organize once-a-month shopping trips
  • Plan more crockpot meals to save time and trouble
  • Start making green smoothies again
  • Make more baked goods/baking day

Some of my goals are going to take way more effort than my other goals. The organization goals are going to require at least an entire day to get things done for each project. That is okay! I will tell you right now I will probably not complete each project in order, but I like having them laid out like this and I like being able to check off each project as it is completed. 

My goals are going to require reinforcement. I cannot simply do the project once and call it done. Especially when it comes to establishing new routines. These things will have to be done over and over again, but the entire goal is that the new routines will replace my hurried/chaotic routines so that I am actually doing less so my family and I can be more. 🙂

I have created my Life: Simplified Goal Planning Worksheet to share with you! I realize it may not meet everyone’s needs, and that is okay! If you can use it to help plan your goals then that is wonderful, too! Click on the graphic below to download it!

goals copy

If you are needing some help with the how-to of accomplishing your goals, check out my resources to help you simplify your life post. I will continuously add new resources to this post as I find them.

Next week I will be sharing with you how to organize your home management binder so you can keep up with everything!

Now it’s time to link-up your posts about the Life: Simplified Project!

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  1. Love that you broke your goals down by the areas of the challenge. You are making me think about how I should tackle my yearly goals. I carried over goal setting from a method I’ve used the last two years, but this is going to help me in actually implementing the Life: Simplified approach. Blessings!

  2. Love your list of goals and printable! I’m working through a different room in my house each month. We’re hoping to move in the next 1-2 years and I do NOT want to move all the stuff we’ve accumulated in this house in the last 11 years! It’s time for an intentional overhaul.

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