Free Printable Gratitude Journal Pages

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I was completely exhausted by 8 PM. There was still a sink full of dishes, an overflowing trashcan, and five little people bouncing off the walls of my house.

“Bedtime!” I attempted to yell above the noise, “Go do your nighttime routine!” The oldest children reluctantly made their way to the bathroom to get ready for bed. My husband was away for work on this particular weekend, and I was on my own. 

In those moments, it can be so difficult to find gratitude. When all you want to do is close your eyes and get some rest, how can you truly feel thankful? Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to solidify thoughts.

I know when I have something on my mind that I don’t want to forget, I like to write it all down. I decided to make some printable Gratitude Journal pages to help me with remembering my blessings. These printables are most suited for moms, but older girls would probably enjoy them, too! Plus, they are wonderful for Thanksgiving activities for the whole family!

Free printable gratitude pages + gratitude coloring pages

Free Printable Gratitude Journal

Before I went to sleep that night I cuddled my two youngest babies. My other kids thought it was a great idea to have a sleepover in my bedroom, so I had a full bed. As bone tired as I was, I was still grateful for my happy kids. 

daily gratitude journal template

This printable gratitude journal PDF includes two pages that can be used again and again.

Free Printable Gratitude Journal Pages

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    The first gratitude page is designed to really get you thinking about all of your blessings. Who are the people you are thankful for? Think about the people in your life who bring you joy. Who are the people who have made you who you are?

    Next, what your strengths? I know many times as women we forget how strong we are. We forget about our positive attributes. What are your strengths? Do you have the gift of discernment? Are you generous? Are you organized?

    What made you laugh today? Think about at least one moment that brought a smile to your face.

    What inspired you? Did you read a good quote? Was there a passage from scripture that really spoke to you?

    How were you blessed today? Did someone do something kind for you? Did your children behave nicely at church? Did they play together nicely, even if only for a few minutes?

    The other daily gratitude journal template is strictly a journal page for you to write your thoughts. You can pour it out here. What are you thankful for, and what is on your mind? You can write Scripture or poetry here. Whatever you want!

    Bonus, if you like to color, well, all of the headings and graphics are made for you to fill in with your favorite colors! 

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    Printable gratitude journal pages for moms that can be colored!

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