I is for Insect – MFW K

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This was the most fun unit that we have done so far in My Father’s World Kindergarten! My kids had so much fun with the I is for Insect activities. We learned all about the letter I! Of course we had to do some outside exploration! I love how My Father’s World encourages nature study.

I is for Insect - Our Journey through MFW K

I is for Insect – My Father’s World Kindergarten

Bug is doing well with the MFW phonics. He loves the cut and paste pages.

cut and paste

Ant Hill

ant hill

I think everyone’s favorite activity was the ant hill! The kids “patiently” waited for the ants to arrive for several days. When they finally came, Mama was a little freaked out, but the kids were thrilled. They arrived in a tiny, plastic tube. I placed them in the fridge for a bit to slow them down, and we prepared our ant hill. When it was time, I quickly dumped them into the hill and we waited for them to get to work. It took a day or so before they really started building their tunnels.

Those little guys lived longer than I expected. About four weeks after putting them in the ant hill, we had a mishap where our cat actually knocked the ant hill in the floor and it opened and ants came out! Not good! Several were sadly killed during the incident because no one wanted to get bit. We still have three.

Ant hill


We really focused our study on ants. We watched a video on YouTube about how ants make their homes and our snack was ants on a log. It’s just celery smeared with peanut butter and topped with raisins!

Ladybug Rocks

I am trying to make sure we do get a craft done during each unit, so we painted ladybug rocks this time around! The kids went outside and picked their rocks and we came in and painted them red. Then with my help, we gave them black spots and eyes!

ladybug rocks

The Bee Tree

Our book this unit was The Bee Tree. It was such a cute story! We had biscuits and honey after reading it!

the bee tree

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