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One area where I have felt my kids could use more practice and encouragement is writing. As much as I love writing, my kids haven’t always been motivated to write for themselves. I love sharing homeschool reviews here on the blog, so I’m thrilled to share this Night Zookeeper review. It has really changed the way we approach writing in our homeschool and it makes my kids excited to write!

Night zookeeper review

What is Night Zookeeper?

Night Zookeeper is an amazing online writing tool for students. It is designed for kids ages 6-12 and focuses on writing, reading, and creative thinking skills. If you’re looking for online writing games for kids, Night Zookeeper has over 1,000 different writing games and activities. 

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Children learn vocabulary with games that teach new words and improve spelling. Grammar is taught through puzzles and challenges. Children are inspired to write stories from their own creations with interesting prompts.

All of your child’s writing is saved in a portfolio that can be shared with family and friends. Your child will also receive feedback from the Night Zookeeper tutors so that they can improve their skills!

Online platform

Another fun aspect of Night Zookeeper is the community. Your child will be assigned to a “class” where the kids can read each other’s work and make friends. Don’t worry, everything on the platform is highly monitored.

Your child will also receive interactive lessons right in the platform twice a week.

Is Night Zookeeper for Home or Classroom Use?

Night Zookeeper is designed for either home or classroom use. Because I am a homeschool mom, this review will focus on the program offered to parents at home.

How Much Does Night Zookeeper Cost?

You have three options when purchasing Night Zookeeper for at home use. The monthly option is $12.99 a month, the yearly option is $9.92 a month taken as one payment of $118.99, and the three month option is taken as one payment of $33.99. You get a seven day free trial with each option. Psst…Save 50% off the 12 month subscription with my link.

How We Use Night Zookeeper in Our Homeschool

Night Zookeeper Story prompt

My eight year old and 10 year old currently use the program at least twice a week as part of their homeschool day. I just added my six year old, as well. I use Night Zookeeper as a supplement to our main writing curriculum. My goal with using NZ was to get my kids excited about creative writing. The fact that they are also learning grammar and vocabulary is a fun bonus.

What We Like About Night Zookeeper

Night Zookeeper

There are so many things we enjoy about Night Zookeeper. My kids love drawing their own animals, naming them, and writing stories about them. They love the games and we recently discovered the projects section. My kids really enjoy video games like Roblox and Minecraft, so it’s been a lot of fun for them to write ideas based on those topics.

As a parent, I really enjoy the personalized feedback from the tutors. They always begin with a compliment, then have the child check any misspelled words, and they offer suggestions for using more description. I’m also a fan of the twice weekly interactive lessons. This program helps take a load off of me as a mom of many!

The Night Zookeeper Books

Did you know that the online program Night Zookeeper is actually based around a series of magical story books that inspired what you see on the website. Obviously, if you have issues with magic then these books and this program is not for you or your kids, but if you include stories with magic in your homeschool, these are interesting to check out. The series begins when the main character Will, accidentally creates a portal at the zoo and is transported to the world of the Night Zoo.

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