Roll and Color Alphabet Dice Game

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I love to make teaching the alphabet fun and interactive for my preschoolers and kindergartners in our homeschool preschool. One way we have a lot of fun is by doing alphabet activities and games. This roll and color alphabet dice game  is designed to not only help your child learn to recognize letters, but also helps with matching and counting. That’s a lot of great skills rolled into one game for your little one! 

Roll and Color ABC Game

To play this game you will need the printable, one die, and crayons/markers/colored pencils or dot markers. We just love playing ABC games, and this one is so simple with just a few needed supplies.

Spring Alphabet Roll and Color Game

Explain to your child that when he rolls the die, he will match the die to the corresponding letter, then he will need to find that same letter on the flowers. He can color them, or even use dot markers to mark them. The object of the game is to fill up the flowers with color!

You could even make this alphabet game download more challenging by giving each letter on the page a specific color. Just simply color in the box at the top with the color you want your child to color that letter flower.

Your child will learn counting skills and letter recognition by playing this ABC roll and color game. They will even work on those fine motor skills by rolling the die and coloring!


Alphabet Games for Preschoolers

I had a great time explaining to my kindergartner that each side of the die represented a number. I showed her how to count each dot, and she really enjoyed matching each die to its corresponding letter.

Have a little boy? He may enjoy these alphabet games boys especially enjoy.

This activity would be awesome to use with a spring gardening preschool theme, or just as an extra fun activity. 

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