Owl Unit Study for Kids – Owl Theme Lesson Plan Ideas

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Since owls are my favorite birds, I thought it would only be appropriate to do an owl unit study in our homeschool this year. To be honest, I am having so much fun putting together interest-led unit studies in addition to our work with My Father’s World Adventures.

This is the first year that I’ve attempted to make my own unit studies that were not preschool specific, although owls make an awesome preschool theme, too. Thankfully, the kids had just as much fun as I did with this one!

Owl Themed Unit Study

Owl Unit Study – Owl Theme Lesson Plan

Owl Themed Books

What’s a unit study without books? We checked out several books. This one we own. You cannot do an owl unit study without reading Owl Moon. It’s a lovely little book with some gorgeous illustrations.

For my preschooler, I introduced the letter O. We used our wooden block to solidify the short “o” sound and then we found all of the O’s on the cover of the story. 

Owl Moon

Owl Moon is a great book to use for an art project. Have your child copy a picture from the book and use watercolors to paint it.

I suggest going to the library and finding as many books on the subject as you can. We had fun reading and exploring a new book every day! Here are the books we checked out:

We own:

Owls by Gail Gibbons

Owl Identification

“Owls” by Gail Gibbons is great for working on owl identification. It is beautifully illustrated with several different species and types of owls. This book is also great for learning the different characteristics of owls. It was one of our favorites!

My preschooler also made O’s out of play dough. I just love when I can combine all of my kids in a unit study!

I made a set of owl identification cards for us to use in our homeschool. It was a simple set that included pictures of several different species of owls, along with their names. 

Owl Calls

I had no idea that owls made so many different noises! We listened to this YouTube video to learn how owls sound.

Owl Pellet Dissection

The owl pellet dissection was such a fun experiment! I ordered an owl pellet kit from Amazon and each child got one to tear open. Our owl pellets came from a barn owl. We learned that the barn owl eats little rodents and we were actually able to pick out a skull in each one of our pellets.

Owl pellet dissection

More Owl Unit Study Resources

Here are some more fun owl unit study resources!

Owl Unit Study and Lapbook

Owl Moon Literature Study

Owl Babies Lesson Plan and Lapbook

Owl Prowl Kindergarten Kit

What are some of your favorite unit studies you’ve done with your kids?

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This owl unit study will take your little one on an amazing adventure discovering owls! Read great book, listen to the different owl calls, identify the types of owls, and even dissect an owl pellet!

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