Q-Tip Painting Shape Worksheets

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When I decided to teach my 4 and 5 year olds together this year, I knew that I was going to be teaching them ALL the subjects together. We started doing My Father’s World Kindergarten which doesn’t include a lot of “fluffy” math. I say fluffy because there are very few worksheets and math concepts are mostly taught very naturally through real life experiences. I have one child in particular who actually loves worksheets, so I am using these Q-tip painting shape worksheets among others to teach my kindergartners and preschooler all about shapes!

Shapes Q-Tip Painting Worksheets

Printable Q-tip Painting

Q-tips are the perfect tools for preschoolers to use when painting because they really help them fine tune their fine motor skills. Also, they are cheap and disposable. Simply squirt a little craft paint onto a paper plate and give your child some q-tips and these fun shape printables. 

Children can either fill in each dot with paint, or they use their q-tip to trace the shape.

How To Teach Your Child Shapes

When using these printables, show your child one printable at a time and tell them the name of the shape. Have them use their finger to trace the shape. Let your child decide what color they want and let them dot paint their shape!

After you have introduced a shape to your child, you can begin looking for real world objects with the same shape. Look for rectangles in windows, circles on the wheels of your car, a square table, and triangular peaks on house roofs. If you very casually bring up shapes, your child will have them memorized in no time!

Shapes Q-tip painting worksheets

Q-tip painting in preschool is definitely one of our very favorite activities. My kids just adore painting, so this is an activity we do more than once. With our rainbow q-tip painting printable we even get a little more fancy and try to q-tip paint the rainbow according to the correct colors!

Writing with Q-tips 

Our Q-tip painting shapes PDF includes the names of each shape so that children can trace the letters and begin working on their fine motor skills for letter formation, as well. Learning to write and draw shapes with q-tips is a great introduction to basic drawing skills, as well!

Shape Books for Preschool

If you’re teaching shapes to your preschooler or kindergartner, don’t forget to add in some fun books! Below are a few of our favorites!

Our favorite shape books!

Here you'll find our favorite shapes books for preschool and kindergarten!

You may also be interested in these other shape and math resources for preschool and kindergarten!

More Shape and Math Resources for Preschool

Some of our favorite shape and math resources for preschool or kindergarten!

Hop on over to the shop to get your printable Q-tip shape worksheets!

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