Printable Traceable Shapes Worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten

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Whether you are homeschooling kindergarten or preschool, one of the things you will need to teach your child about is shapes! I decided to add some fun to our homeschool day by introducing shapes using these fun printable shape tracing worksheets! My kids love when I print them things for homeschool, so it was only natural that they would adore the various shapes and pictures in this printable pack.

Printable Shape Tracing Worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten

Traceable Shapes Printable

If you’re wanting to teach your child both fine motor skills and various shapes, a printable with traceable shapes and pictures made from various shapes will do just that!

My printable pack includes a basic shapes worksheet for the three most common shapes, the triangle, the square, and the circle. There are also basic worksheets for the heart and star.

Triangle Shape Tracing Worksheets

Besides the triangle tracing page, kids can practice triangle shapes with the crown and tree tracing worksheets. 

Shape Tracing Printables

Crescent Shape Tracing Worksheets

Our shape tracing pack includes a crescent moon tracing printable. Your preschooler or kindergartner can also work on crescent shapes with the rainbow and cloud tracing printable worksheets.

Our shape tracing PDF is available over in the shop, so pop on over to pick it up!

Why practice tracing lines and shapes?

You can use these preschool shapes tracing printables to help your young child work on fine motor skills. Teach the child how to correctly hold a pencil and then the can follow the dots to trace the shape!

Tracing helps children begin to fine tune their skills before they start actually writing. Your child can also benefit from tracing by getting a feel for how shapes are formed and they can then begin to form shapes on their own for their own drawings.

Shape Tracing Worksheets for Kindergarten

If you’re a teacher you can use these shapes tracing worksheets in a shape center. You can laminate the sheets and have the children use dry erase markers to trace. You could use regular markers, or if you’re feeling brave paint and Q-tips. The possibilities are endless!

You could use the basic shape sheets on your morning board for teaching the shape of the week.

Finally, you could have each student assemble the worksheets into a book and call it, “My Shapes Book.” Have children identify the various shapes in the pictures they have traced and colored.

Don’t forget to get your shape tracing printables in the shop!

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