Goldilocks and the Three Bears Printables and Lesson Plans

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My kids love classic stories and fairy tales and I love making preschool lesson plans based on books, so naturally I had to create these Goldilocks and the Three Bears printables and lesson plans. This lesson plan is packed with fine and gross motor skills, simple art projects, story retelling picture cards, counting activities for math skills, and even a fun recipe! We have had so much fun exploring this classic fairy tale and doing the printable activities!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Activities

This pack includes a variety of activities including both a potato stamping activity and a fork painting activity for young students. Cutting out the potato stamps actually wasn’t too hard. I outlined the shape bear tracks on half of a potato, and then I cut around the outline to create the stamp.

My preschoolers really enjoyed painting the stamp and then stamping all over their papers! This activity could last as long as a child is interested!  

We also did a fun fork painting bear activity, learned how to walk like a bear, and of course, read the story a few times! 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Printables

The included printable pack includes several different activities that suit both preschool and kindergarten students. Every day we sang, “The Bear Went Over the Mountain.” It’s always nice to use repetitive phrases and songs because kids just love them.

We also really loved using our DIY felt board and retelling the story with these simple pictures made from clip art that include the family of bears and more elements of the story. My four year old actually did this on his own several times. It was so cute listening to him tell the story in his own words. I loved when he made the voice of baby bear. It was so cute! Each of the main characters are included, plus several accessories! 

Our lesson plans also include ABC printables, counting cards, and lacing cards. It’s a good idea to let your child strengthen those fine motor skills with some lacing practice. I also always include do-a-dot printables and a handwriting practice activity sheet for extra practice! 

The counting clip cards are excellent for teaching one-to-one correspondence.

Along with these activities you get a full week’s worth of activities laid out for you in our printable calendar, a book list, bear facts, a bear notebooking page, and instructions on how to complete the crafts. Don’t forget to schedule in some outside play time, too!

I also have a sensory bin suggestion so you can explore the difference between hard and soft objects with your child. This would be a nice place to add in a teddy bear. Kids love sensory bins and they are a fun way to teach and play!

Are you ready for a fun week exploring Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Hop on over to the shop to scoop up the plans and printables!

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