T is for Turtle Kindergarten Activities and Ideas

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Well it’s time to share our kindergarten letter activities for the Letter T! Each week I’m sharing the different activities we do while following along with My Father’s World Kindergarten curriculum. These activities don’t have to be used with the curriculum, but you would miss out on the phonics/math/biblical concepts taught with the program. This week I’m sharing our T is for Turtle kindergarten activities and ideas!

T is for turtle letter activities for kindergarten

T is for Turtle Activities for Kindergarten

We did this unit right before our seventh baby was born, so we honestly didn’t get too many activities done. My main focus with this unit was on the biblical concept from My Father’s World Kindergarten, “I don’t quit, I persevere,” which ties into some of our book choices as you will see. We of course focused on the sound for T and colored in our badge on our cute tote bag.

Since I focused so much on perseverance, I talked a lot with the kids about not quitting even when something seems hard. We used very basic examples such as when you think it’s too hard to clean your room, keep going. I think they kind of understood the concept.

Turtle Races

One fun activity we pulled together was a turtle race. I had the kids put empty laundry baskets on their backs and crawl to race each other. It was a great game to burn off energy!

T is for Turtle Craft for Kindergarten

Our turtle craft this go around was a paper plate turtle. We kept ours super simple and I had the kids paint the paper plates green, and then we cut out the head and legs and glued them on.

Here are some more turtle craft ideas if you have extra time or want to try something else!

Cupcake Liner Turtle Craft

Easy Coffee Filter Turtle Craft

CD and Button Turtle Craft

Turtle Themed Snack

Sea Turtle Snack

We absolutely love creating snacks based on our letter of the week. This snack is fairly healthy and my kids just love green apples, so this sea turtle snack was just perfect for us! 

I also saw a cute turtle snack made with Oreos and grapes, too. So if you don’t mind cookies, that is another option.

T is for Turtle Books for Kindergarten

I opted for a variety of books on both turtles and perseverance. Here’s a list of some of the turtle books we read during this week.

T is for Turtle Book Ideas

Use this book list to teach your kids about turtles and also about the importance of perseverance.

More Kindergarten Letter Activity Ideas

See more of our kindergarten letter activity ideas.

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