N is for Nest Activities for Kindergarten

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We recently finished our N is for Nest lesson plan for kindergarten with My Father’s World Kindergarten, and yet again we had a lot of fun exploring this unit and learning about different animal homes. Our “words to remember” this week were “God takes good care of me,” much like a mama bird takes good care of her baby birds in a nest. I feel like I have a pretty good rhythm when we are doing these units, too! We do all of the letter and math activities with MFW K, and then I add on a craft, a snack, and books! It’s working so well and takes the pressure off of me to do multiple activities that would just overwhelm us. Let me show you what we did!

N is for Nest Kindergarten Activities and Ideas

N is for Nest Activities for Kindergarten

Here is an overview of our learning from the letter N unit. We colored in our badge on our tote bag from Etsy, I pulled out a couple of our favorite books to show you, we completed this super cute N is for Nest craft, and of course learned all about the letter N and different types of nests. I just love that I can include all three of my younger kids in these units. My three year old really loves listening to the books.

N is for Nest Craft for Kindergarten

This craft was so incredibly easy! I got the N is for Nest printable and I cut strips of yellow construction paper for the nest. I also cut out some “eggs” from blue construction paper. I had the kids color their birds and the letter N. We added a beak and a googly eye to the bird, and then we assembled our nest and eggs on the letter N. It was super easy, but so cute!

Rice Krispie Bird’s Nest Snack 

I wanted to create a simple bird’s nest snack that I knew my kids would eat, so I decided to make rice krispies in the shape of birds’ nests! I followed a simple rice krispie recipe and pushed them down into a muffin tin to create little nests. We added sugar pearls for eggs and chocolate sprinkles for a little more of a nest effect.

N is for Nest Books for Kindergarten

Finally, let’s chat about the amazing books we read during this unit! Not only did we learn about birds and their nests, but we also learned about various animal homes. I love filling up our book basket with many related books. My littles often bring me books from the basket to read to them during our down time. 

This nest lesson plan idea would make a great preschool theme, too.

N is for Nest Books for Kindergarten

Cute books to go along with a nest theme for Kindergarten!

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