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One of the things recommended by My Father’s World homeschool curriculum is a book basket. I have always been a bit lax when it came to implementing the book basket system, but I decided to get pretty serious about it this year, and I wish I had been doing it the entire time we have been homeschooling! Today I want to share with you how we use the book basket in our homeschool!

What is the homeschool book basket?

I actually purchased two of these cute book baskets for our homeschool. One is for our older kids who are doing MFW Rome to the Reformation and the other is for my kids who are doing MFW Kindergarten. We use our book basket to enrich our homeschool. Each of my children are required to spend 15 minutes perusing the books in the basket each day. They may read one book, bits from several books, or just look at pictures. I’m not quizzing them on anything. I just ask that they look at the books. 

This time they spend with the books from our book basket is in addition to their independent reading time. They each have 20 minutes they spend reading from a book I have assigned or one they have chosen and we have agreed upon together. So, my kids are required to spend a total of 35 minutes total per day independently with books.

Although I do not require narration for any of the books from the book basket, I have noticed that my kids will often talk to me on their own about what they are learning from those books. It’s a win-win situation!

For my kindergarten kids, I put all of our books from the week’s theme in the book basket. They can’t read on their own yet, so we choose two books to read during our lessons. I also often read a book or two from the basket before bed. And of course, they have the freedom to peruse the books from their basket during the day.

Most of the books I choose for the book basket come from the recommendations in the back of my teacher’s manuals from My Father’s World. There are times I find other books on topic from the library, as well.

Morning Basket vs. Book Basket

I have talked a lot about our homeschool morning basket here on the blog. The book basket is completely different from the morning basket. Our morning basket contains everything we need for together subjects in the morning. I do have some books that I’m reading aloud to the kids in our morning basket, as well. The kids do not use the morning basket on their own. It’s a totally different thing!

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