The Mitten Activities for Preschool

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As a homeschool mama, one of my favorite jobs is to create preschool book theme lesson plans. Since winter is right around the corner, I decided to focus on some fun winter themed books for my current lesson plans. Today I chose, “The Mitten,” by Jan Brett. It’s such a cute story and full of fun animals to introduce to preschoolers and kindergartners. This book is the perfect addition to your preschool classroom (or homeschool) during the winter months. Today we are going to go over The Mitten activities for preschool + I’ll introduce you to our fun lesson plans based on the book!

The Mitten Lesson Plans and Printables

The Mitten Book Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

All of my lesson plans and themed activities include a poem or song for the kids to learn during the week. For this lesson plan, I chose a poem based off of “The Mitten,” but it’s sung to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot.” It’s so cute!

I also make sure to include fine motor skills with each of my lesson plans. The fine motor work included with “The Mitten” are mitten matching (so fun if you can find a pair of white mittens or have the kids bring their real mittens to match), along with some activities involving printables that I’ll get to in just a bit.

We always do gross motor skills, too! We’ll be making a giant tape mitten to play in (which is fun if the kids have their own mitten), plus playing an animal game in which we act like the animals in the mitten!

We can’t forget snacks! We will make a Mitten rice krispy treat. This is so fun for the kids! This mitten cookie cutter is perfect for this snack project and a great way to make it super easy!

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    The Mitten Printable Preschool Lesson Plans

    This particular lesson plan pack includes LOTS of “The Mitten” themed printables that are perfect for young children.

    We have the typical letter tracing and do-a-dot pages for the letters M for mitten and F for fox. These basic worksheets and classic preschool activities are great for helping to develop hand-eye coordination.

    There are also mitten shape matching printables (which is one of the fun mitten matching activities), mitten matching math, animal size ordering, and “The Mitten” emergent reader so the kids can create their own booklet and retell the story.

    The Mitten Lesson Plan Sequencing

    “The Mitten” is a great book to teach sequencing, so this simple worksheet is a great addition to your mitten unit. Since the animals go into the mitten in order, I created a sequencing worksheet, so children can cut and paste the animals in the correct order they went into the mitten.

    The Mitten Art Activities for Preschool and Craft Activities

    I’ve included two art activities and mitten crafts in the lesson plan. One is a mitten lacing craft. Simply print two pages of the mitten printable on card stock, cut, hole punch around the outside, put the insides of the two mittens together, and show the children how to lace the mitten together. The mittens can also be decorated in any way. Use construction paper to add some color.

    The other art activity includes using a mitten printable and making the child’s handprint on it. Younger children always enjoy these crafts and they are a fun way to make a cute keepsake.

    The Mitten Story Animals

    Here are the winter animals included in Jan Brett’s Book, “The Mitten:”

    • Mole
    • Rabbit
    • Hedgehog
    • Badger
    • Owl
    • Fox
    • Bear
    • Mouse

    I just love children’s books and “The Mitten” is certainly a wonderful book for little ones!

    I have included an animal notebooking page. It would be great to take some time to learn about some of these animals with your child!

    All of these activities and printables are conveniently located in our The Mitten Preschool Lesson Plan!

    Make sure you check out our favorite winter books, as well as our favorite winter theme activities to go along with your Mitten theme activities.

    The Mitten Lesson Plans and Printables

    These lesson plans would pair wonderfully with our Mitten and Hats math pack!

    Winter Hat and Mittens Preschool Math Worksheets

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