Sun Unit For Kindergarten Crafts and Activities

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We just finished up Sun week with My Father’s World and did a lot of fun activities that I want to share with you! As you may know, we have used My Father’s World homeschool curriculum for years and this is our second time through MFW K. There is a lot more available this time around than six years ago. I have access to a great library system, and tons of ideas on Pinterest and the Internet. Let’s get busy sharing our sun unit for kindergarten!

S is for Sun

Our first full week of lessons was based on the letter S and we did a simple study of the sun. To go along with MFW, we learned that Jesus is the light of the world, much like the sun! I had a lot of fun planning some simple activities in addition to the regular work we do with MFW. 

For our badges, I purchased the cute MFW K tote from Etsy and I let the kids color in each badge for the week. We used paint for the sun, but I did purchase some fabric markers to color in the rest of the badges.

Sun Crafts

The first craft I did with the kids was a sun name craft. I cut two half circles from construction paper, and then cut strips in alternating colors which spelled each of my kids’ names. Then, I had the kids glue everything to a piece of white paper.

The next project we did was a sun painting. I used painter’s tape to create a sun pattern on a piece of watercolor paper. Then, I told the kids to use orange and yellow paint and just paint all the white paper.

I really liked how this sun painting turned out and my kids had a blast with it, too!

Sun Activities

We made a simple sun snack and my four year old daughter actually help me cut the pieces to put this cute little snack together! We used ritz crackers, rectangle slices of cheddar cheese, and pepperoni. We cut the corners off of the cheese to create rays around our “sun.” I did stick the middle of the cheese under the pepperoni so nothing was wasted.

We also made a simple cosmic sun catcher. I used a plastic lid, Elmer’s school glue, and food coloring. I poured a fairly thin layer in the lid, added a few dots of food coloring to the glue, and let my kids swirl the colors together with a tooth pick. I placed the lid in the windowsill to dry for a few days. When the edges began to peel away and it was fully dry, we pulled it out of the lid and had a fun sun catcher!

MFW suggest several shadow activities for this unit. Unfortunately, it was a rainy week and we didn’t see much sun, so we had to ditch out of the shadow activities! 

Kindergarten Books for Sun Unit

We used a lot of the recommended books from the Book Basket list. Here’s a look at the books we read throughout the week!

Moonbear’s Shadow

Wake Up, Sun

A Child’s Good Morning Book

Sun Bread

The Sun is My Favorite Star

The Night World (My kids’ favorite!)

There are many more awesome books suggested in the back of the teacher’s manual. I use my library for most of our books, but I do also purchase some from Thriftbooks, too!

So, that’s it for the sun unit! I’m going to try to post these for every unit we do. 

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