The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts Review – Level 1

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I am so excited to share what is working for us in our homeschool with you, which is why I started sharing all about The Good and the Beautiful homeschool curriculum. Today, I’m going to share with you a review of The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts. We are going to discuss all about Level 1! My eight year old daughter finished Level 1 a few weeks ago, so I feel like I am definitely ready to go over this curriculum with you!

The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts Curriculum

The Good and the Beautiful language arts curriculum is not based on grade levels and if compared with public school, you will find that it is advanced. My 2nd grade, eight year old daughter just finished the Level 1 language arts. Not only does this course book teach language arts, but students will also learn art appreciation in this course.

the good and the beautiful language arts level 1

You can access the PDF of the course book for free, or you can purchase the course book and have it mailed to you. It is a full color beautiful curriculum that includes mini books, phonics cards, and a reader. 

The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts Review – Level 1

So, let’s hop right into the review. I fell in love with The Good and the Beautiful language arts and the depth of the course. My daughter’s favorite part of school is this course book right here. She honestly flew through this course and is already working on Level 2 and we haven’t even finished the school year. I now have all three of my school age kids using TGTB for language arts and I have no plans of using anything else to teach these concepts.

What is The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts Level 1

So, I’m showing you the old Level 1 course book, mini books, and reader. You should note, that when the new edition is released there will be no more mini books, which I think is a good thing, and the reader will be integrated with the course. I think the overall set-up of the course will change, but the core of what is actually taught will not. 

Here is what is taught in TGTB Level 1:

  • Phonics, Reading, & Spelling
  • Grammar & Punctuation
  • Literature & Writing
  • Art Appreciation

How We used The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts Level 1

Let’s chit chat about how we used TGTB language arts. You will notice that everyday your student will need to read from the reader, work on sight words, work on spelling words, and practice the phonics cards. We did everything except the phonics cards. Because my daughter was already reading so well, I didn’t feel she needed the extra practice of the cards.

She flew through the reader and was finished about halfway through the year, and she did the same with the sight words. Spelling was a bit trickier and we didn’t finish all of the lists. This is one area that we are still working on, but she has made use of our spelling box. She also memorized two of the poems from the course book.

Each lesson includes a variety of activities and varied in length. She really enjoyed most of the activities, especially activities where she got to use her art skills.

She created a binder title, “My Beautiful Stories and Writings,” and many of the lessons had her tell me her story while I typed it. She loved those lessons.

What we thought about The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts Level 1

Overall, we loved everything about the Level 1 course except for the choppiness of some of the lessons. Mini books were supposed to be read twice and you had to try to keep track of what book you were reading. I also had trouble with entire pages of dictation where you would complete a section, move forward in the lesson, and then go back and do another section. It wasn’t very user friendly. 

My favorite part of the course was the assessments. The assessments were an easy way for me to gauge how my child was progressing without it feeling like a test. I think those assessments gave me a great peace of mind about what my daughter had actually learned.

Changes to The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts Level 1

Many of the negatives I mentioned previously are being revised in the new edition. I have been told that the new edition will be similar to the math program in which a parent can easily get through a lesson a day and know exactly what the child needs to do. The flipping back and forth should be a thing of the past.

I know that a new reader will be included and that reader will be integrated with the course and the course will no longer have mini books. You can find out all about the changes on The Good and the Beautiful website. (I’m anxious to see the new courses myself!)

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  1. Hi! Thank you for your posts! I saw that you paused using MFW for a semester and did TGATB instead. Are you going to return to MFW or are you planning on switching to TGATB for other subjects as well? I was really sold on MFW (we are using it for K) but use TGATB math K and LA K and absolutely LOVE it. I’m considering using TGATB for all subjects instead of MFW. Just wondered what your thoughts were since you’ve used both.


  2. Hi! I was just wondering about how long each session takes. We have different programs for reading, spelling, grammar, arts, etc and I’m trying to simplify. Thank you!

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