10 House Cleaning Secrets That’ll Make Your Home Sparkle! – July Cleaning Calendar

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It’s been a while since we did a house cleaning post! For the past several months I’ve turned Fridays into my weekly cleaning day. I used to break up my cleaning tasks over the week like I have in my monthly cleaning calendars, but I’ve found that just dedicating one day to the deeper cleaning seems to work better for us during this season of life. Today, I’ve put together a post with 10 House Cleaning Secrets that will make your home sparkle!

10 Clean House Tips You Don’t Want To Forget!

Don’t Procrastinate!

Tip #1 is not to procrastinate messes! If you notice your children have completed a craft project on the dining room table, bring them back inside to clean it up right away. Don’t leave dinner out overnight, clean it up after you eat. Get into the habit of cleaning up when you finish a task that way you won’t have to do a huge clean up later on. 

Use a System

A cleaning system works well for those who easily forget certain tasks. My monthly cleaning calendar helps you create a system to tackle daily cleaning tasks, weekly tasks, and deep cleaning tasks that I call zone cleaning.

Use Microfiber

I love, love, love microfiber cloths. They help me get a streak free shine on my windows and they are perfect for dusting. I simply run a microfiber cloth over my baseboards to get rid of the dust! 

Clean As You Go

This tip kind of goes along with not procrastinating, but make a habit of cleaning as you go. When I’m cooking, I will wipe up spills as they happen, throw away garbage immediately, and wash bowls immediately after use. This cuts down on time you’ll spend cleaning later and will make your house look cleaner all the time!

Don’t Forget The Dust

Dust hides in unusual places. Don’t forget to dust your ceiling fans, your end tables, and other less frequently noticed places in your home.

Wipe Down Your Toilet

The outside of your toilet can be just about as nasty as the inside of the toilet. Don’t forget to wipe the top, the handle, and the entire outside of the toilet. You’ll really need to do this if you have boys in your house! 

Clean That Toothbrush Holder

The toothbrush holder gets grimy. When you’re cleaning your bathroom, make sure you’re cleaning out the toothbrush holder with hot water and soap. 

Focus on Clean Bedroom Linens

One of the best ways to make your bedroom look and smell clean is with fresh linens. Work on regularly laundering our bedding at least every other week and make your bed every day. Your room will instantly smell fresh and look cleaner with a nicely made bed!

Pick the Right Product for the Job

I like to make sure I’m using products that are effective. If you’ve hung around for a while, then you know I’ve fallen in love with Mrs. Meyer’s and Method products. They work amazingly and smell wonderful, so they make your whole house smell great. I use Mrs. Meyer’s for our dishes, our hand soap, and I use the multi-surface spray for our countertops and just about anything else that needs a good scrubbing.

I absolutely love using the non-toxic cleaners from Truly Free. You can even get a FREE cleaning caddy and 63% off my favorite cleaners!

Clean Top to Bottom

My final tip is to clean your house top to bottom. Start with dusting higher surfaces, cleaning glass, wiping walls, and work your way down to the floor. If you follow this cleaning method, you will only have to clean your floor once!

Monthly Cleaning Calendar 

And that brings us to the monthly cleaning calendar! July’s monthly cleaning calendar just released in The Homemaker’s Resource library, if you aren’t already a Simple Living Mama VIP, click below to get access! We release a new cleaning calendar each month! 

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