Extras for My Father’s World Creation to the Greeks

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One of the most fun things about studying history with My Father’s World curriculum is getting to find living books and extra activities to pair with the time period studied! I think anything we can do to bring a time period to life will help kids remember what they’ve learned. Listed below are several different extras for My Father’s World Creation to the Greeks. The ones starred are the ones we used personally!

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Extra resources and books for My Father's World Creation to the Greeks

Living Books for My Father’s World Creation to the Greeks

All of a Kind Family Book and cup of coffee

*All of a Kind Family

This story was so sweet and my kids just loved it! It also gave us a look at the Jewish feasts.

*A Cry from Egypt

This book was excellent! I highly recommend it when learning about Moses and the plagues.

A Stand at Sinai

This book is a follow-up to A Cry from Egypt. It looks really good, but we didn’t read it because of time.

Audiobook Boy of the Pyramids

*Boy of the Pyramids

I loved this story. I actually purchased the audiobook from Simply Charlotte Mason and we listened to it in the van.

God King

I purchased this book and it looks really good, but we didn’t get to read it because we ran out of time. I might read it to the kids this summer.

* Theras and His Town

This living book is highly recommended when studying Ancient Greece.

Mary Pope Osbourne’s Tales from the Odyssey

The Children’s Homer included in the curriculum can be a bit hard to understand for some students. This series makes it easier!

Life in the Great Ice Age and My Father's World CTG

*Life in the Great Ice Age

I found our copy on Thriftbooks.com and really enjoyed reading this to the kids at the very beginning of our year.

You can also check out the other homeschool books for ancient history that I purchased from Thriftbooks.com!

Games and Activities for MFW CTG

Rummy Roots

This game is highly recommended in the MFW CTG Facebook group to learn the Greek and Latin roots. I haven’t purchased because the price is a bit too steep for me, but if you can find it cheaper it sounds like it’s worth it.

4 D Puzzles from Nat Geo on Ancient Egypt and *Greece

My kids LOVE puzzles. I just ordered the Ancient Greece puzzle since we are just beginning our study.

Professor Noggin Ancient History 

These trivia cards have been highly recommended. I have placed these on order, too, because we can also use them next year.

Mini Dig Kit

If you like kids who like to chisel away and dig, this looks fun!

Papyrus Paper

Write hieroglyphics on papyrus paper with this activity!

Educational Extras (Maps,Videos, Etc.) for My Father’s World Creation to the Greeks

Book of Centuries Timeline Book

*Timeline Book

I purchased this Book of Centuries for each of my kids to keep track of their timelines. I just don’t have the wall space for a timeline.

*Bible Project Videos

These free YouTube videos help bring the Old Testament stories to life.

*Draw and Write Through History Creation to Jonah

We also use these in lieu of creating our own notebooking pages. The kids get drawing practice and copywork!

*Draw and Write Through History Greece to Rome

This book will be used both this year and next.

The Stuff They Left Behind Ancient Egypt

Cool pictures from Simply Charlotte Mason to bring your story to life.

The Stuff They Left Behind Ancient Greece

This is the Greek set from Simply Charlotte Mason.

Drive Thru History 

Highly recommended by homeschool moms to help bring history to life for your kids.

Cat of Bubastes Audiodrama

*Ancient Egypt Express Lapbook

I wanted to create something tangible to help reinforce what the kids learned about Ancient Egypt. This inexpensive printable lapbook was completed in one day.

*History Pockets Greece

For our study of Ancient Greece I purchased these history pockets. The material went along really well with what we were studying in CTG.

History Pockets Ancient Egypt

The Egyptian version of history pockets. I did not purchase these, but they could definitely be useful.

Ancient Civilizations Maps

This is a super cool map set that would be used this year and next!

Notebooking Printables for MFW CTG

All of the resources below are free.

*Mamma Jenn Bible Verse Printables

I printed our current Bible verse and hung it up on the wall. I also printed the copy work for each verse and had my kids complete those papers when copying and memorizing the Scripture.

*Greek Roots Printables – In the files section of the Facebook group MFW CTG.

We used these Greek roots printables rather than the index cards that MFW suggests. My kids had a section in their notebooks just for their Greek roots.

*MFW Coloring Page Printables – In the files section of the Facebook group MFW CTG.

The teacher’s manual directs you to create several of your own notebooking pages. This printable file made that easy! I just printed off the the notebooking page we needed, had the kids write their own summary, and placed it in their binders.

Also check out our Overview of MFW CTG.

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